Monday, August 25, 2014

Copy Cat DQ Ice Cream and Frog Cookies for Farewell to Summer

Kathleen is having her monthly challenge at Let's Dish! This month's theme is Farewell to Summer, and I'm setting my outdoor tea with my fairy garden and my frog planter.   I was inspired by Alycia at Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, when she recently did a table with some cute frogs.  I spotted my frog that's always out on my patio, which was given to me by our next door neighbors when we moved from Ohio to Michigan back in 1985.    I've kept him all these years, and he even hopped to Texas with us back in 1986.  I love a little table whimsy and I'm using my polka dot plates on top of my polka dot table covering, with my bee napkins and mismatched teacups.  We're going to have ice cream in my crystal wedding goblets, along with some easy frog cookies.

Can you spot the tiny frog in the bird bath?  My oregano is getting out of control and needs a major trimming as it's covering up my waterfall!

My sister gifted me with this pretty teacup and it's perfect for Summer!

This Copy Cat DQ Ice Cream recipe comes from Cathy at Wives With Knives.  I asked Cathy if she minded if I shared the recipe because my grandchildren and I loved it, and she told me to spread the ice cream love around.  I mixed up all the ice cream ingredients the day before and then when the kids came over we could make the ice cream in my Donvier Ice Cream maker.  You can find Cathy's recipe here.

I have cut the recipe in half to fit my small ice cream maker and it works great. Make some ice cream to enjoy this summer!  I made a Peanut Buster Parfait to enjoy.  For a great hot fudge sauce recipe, look here.

  • 1 envelope Knox gelatin
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 2 cups whole milk (I used 2%)
  • 1 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 and 1/2 cups whipping cream
  1. Soak gelatin in cold water
  2. Heat milk, but do not boil.
  3. Remove from heat and add gelatin, sugar, vanilla and salt.
  4. Cool and add cream.
  5. Chill 5 to 8 hours.
  6. Pour into a 1 quart ice cream freezer can.
  7. Process according to manufacturer's directions.
  8. Cathy says to put this in a container and freeze several hours or overnight.  I personally love this right after it's made when it is still soft, and the grandkids did, too!!
When you look at these cookies from this angle, it looks like the frogs are smiling!  I love that!


There are some incredibly cute versions of Frog Cookies when you google, but I wanted one that kids could actually do quickly and enjoy.  This version from Kraft, fit the bill.  The original recipe can be found here.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Oreos...I used the Birthday Cake flavored ones)
peanut butter
Chocolate Flavored Bark
mini pretzel twists

Melt the chocolate flavored bark (I used one square) in the microwave according to package directions.
Spread a little peanut butter on one side of the chocolate sandwich cookie, then dip in the chocolate.
Press two mini pretzel twists into the chocolate with the wide part of the pretzel facing out, placing on waxed paper.
Add two candy eyes, attaching with some melted chocolate.  I found that adding two dabs of chocolate to the top of the cookie made it easier to attach the eyes.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

My friend Debbie,  of Mountain Breaths featured me last week on her blog, which you can read about here, and  she asked me to participate on the Tour Through Blogland.  Debbie and I have been blogging friends for several years and we are kindred spirits.  I have been inspired by so many of her recipes and always love seeing her McKenzie Childs' bargains that she finds.  Debbie and her hubby, Joe, enjoy the outdoors and besides their lovely home, they have a cabin in upstate New York.  When Debbie and her girlfriends go on their "glamping trip", she has taken me along via my recipes.  Thank you, Debbie, for featuring me.

We love Debbie's Best Beans Ever and her Can't Leave 'Em Alone Bars.
You will love them, too!

What am I working on right now?

My beloved husband passed away a year ago on August 16th.  I have tried to keep busy with cooking, sewing, and doing projects with my six grandchildren.We have made bread, treats, and ice cream this summer.   Another grand is due in November and I made a crocheted chevron blanket for he/she.  My youngest son and DIL want to be surprised at the baby's sex and that is quite exciting.  I've also been making doll clothes, a doll sleeping bag, a nap mat, and soon will be making a changing pad, diaper wipes case and crib bedding. 

Kitty's Kozy Kitchen is always open, but my sewing room has been buzzing!

How Does my Work Differ from Others in this Genre?

I don't really think that my work is all that different.  We're all just trying our best to make a difference in this world and sharing our passion.  I have always loved trying new recipes and I love to write.  Combining the two is fun for me!

Why do I write/create what I do?

I started this blog with encouragement from my daughter.  I wanted to have a place for all my favorite recipes that friends and family could easily find.  The wonderful surprise and bonus that I've discovered through blogging is the friendships that have developed.  I love being inspired by my blogging sisters through their recipes, crafts, table settings,  decor, and spiritual guidance.  Who knew that you could be friends with people that you've never met??  I have developed real connections  with my blogging friends, and you begin to really know their personalities.  I've certainly appreciated the kindness, warmth, and encouragement that my blogging friends have given to me.

How does your writing process actually work?

I love sitting out on my patio, by my waterfall.  The sounds of the water and the birds help me to think.  I can check new recipes and get inspired to write and it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I am introducing Rattlebridge Farm:
It's my pleasure to introduce  Michael Lee West of Rattlebridge Farm.  Michael Lee is an author, a wonderful cook and food stylist, and fabulous, generous hostess of Foodie Friday and The Mystery Ingredient Club.  She has also been busy renovating her home in Tennessee.   Michael Lee doesn't even know this, but her Foodie Friday linky party was the very first party I ever linked to!  I totally messed up while trying to link up and yet Michael Lee was ever so gracious and even became a follower of my blog.  Next week, on August 25th, Michael Lee will continue the Blogland Tour.

When my beloved husband passed away a year ago on August 16th, Michael Lee sent this  lovely flower arrangement to me.  

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Anniversary of the First Year of my Husband's Passing

Today I am having a tea in honor of my beloved hubby on the anniversary of his passing.
I can't believe that it's been a whole year and yet it seems like only yesterday. Even though I know he's gone, I still find it hard to believe.  I'm using his Ohio State insulated cup that our daughter gave him. It's filled with Lipton tea...none of that "sissy, flavored tea", in his honor. Growing up in Ohio, he was a huge Ohio State fan. The candle, from our youngest son and DIL that they brought back from Notre Dame Cathedral, will be lit. I'll be serving his favorite dessert, which can be found here.

Even though I've had a year of sadness and heartache, in many forms, here is what I have learned about grief and loss this past year:

Grief never really leaves us and is certainly unpredictable. Just a memory or a thought will trigger tears. Where would I be if I didn't have these thoughts? I've realized that tears are blessings of my wonderful life with Rich.

Self pity is to be expected, but cooking, baking, crocheting, reading, sewing, blogging and doing things with my grandchildren have kept me busy with projects.

All things take time. Rich's clothes are still hanging in the closet and are still in his drawers. His office is still not cleared. One day, I'll be able to deal with it.

Trying to understand the death of a loved one, as with so many things in life, DOES NOT LEAD TO PEACE.

Find childlike wisdom and humor whenever you can. My three year old granddaughter kept asking where Papa was. I would reply, "He's in heaven." When I finally knew that it was time to sell his car after many months, and she didn't see his car in the garage any more, she asked , "Did Papa take his car with him?". She would also ask, "Is Papa coming back?" I would tell her that he wasn't. She answered, "It's not fair!" I guess that's a first lesson in how life is not always fair.

Talking about your loved one keeps their memory alive.

I have realized that I'm stronger than I thought.

Being with family and friends adds joy and purpose to my life.

Some holidays can be worse than others. For Christmas, I couldn't bear the thought of sitting at the dining room table, so we didn't. Valentine's Day was hard; Mother's Day was not. Not having the father of my children here on Father's Day was especially difficult. You just never know how all these "firsts" will affect you.

There will always feel like a piece of me is missing with Rich gone from my life. A friend wrote me and said that there will always be a void and nothing will ever replace it. Life is forever bittersweet.

I tried a Grief Support group at my church and found that it didn't help me. You must do what feels right for you.

Family and friends keep his spirit alive through acts of unending kindness.
My never ending faith has sustained me.

Even though my beloved Rich is gone from my life, I have only to look in the eyes of my four children and my grandchildren to see glimpses of him. Yes, he lives on in them.

Rich will forever hold a place in my heart and being married to him for 43 years was a gift. I'm not sure how the next year(s) will be, but I have survived this year.   Thank you all for helping me through this journey along this first year of grief. You have lifted me up through your thoughtfulness, kindness and prayers. I have prayed for peace and strength, and God has helped me.   I  have come to the realization that we are in charge of our own happiness, and we must live our lives with thankfulness. 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Strawberry Dessert and Tea

This time I made the dessert into a pie. I have to say, this is a perfect dessert for Summer!

 Isn't this linen napkin bee-u-tiful??  I won  a set of  six of these beauties awhile back from Beeutiful By Design. 
The design is just perfect for my outdoor tea, don't you think?

I found a teacup on ebay,  to coordinate with the pretty napkin.    I just couldn't resist the strawberries, and the bees!  It's a Roy Kirkham Alpine Strawberry design. 

You can find the dessert recipe here.  It's definitely a cool and refreshing treat! Oh dear, it's starting to melt....I'm off to enjoy every bite!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tomato Tart

I cut this recipe out of a 2003 Southern Living magazine.  It is a recipe of Carolyn Lemley, who along with her husband, grow tomatoes in east Texas & sell them at the Dallas Farmers Market.  I love this recipe because it showcases tomatoes & not the mayonnaise, etc, that are often ingredients in other tomato pies.  It truly is delicious and one of my very favorite Summer recipes.   I hope you'll try it!

1 refrigerated pie crust
1 garlic bulb
1/2 t. olive oil
1 1/2 cups shredded fontina cheese
4 large tomatoes
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper. 

Press refrigerated pie crust on bottom & up sides of a tart pan.  Bake at 450 degrees for 9 minutes or until lightly browned; set aside.

Cut off pointed end of garlic bulb; place garlic on a piece of aluminum foil & drizzle with olive oil.  Fold foil to seal.

Bake garlic at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, or until the garlic is tender.  Test it with a paring knife.  Squeeze pulp from garlic cloves into bottom of baked pie crust.

Sprinkle 1/2 cup of fontina cheese over the garlic.

Slice tomatoes & place on folded paper towels.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper & let stand for 10 minutes. 

Arrange tomato slices over shredded cheese.  Sprinkle with remaining 1 cup cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes or until lightly browned.  I like to add some minced fresh basil before serving.

NOTE:  In place of the garlic bulb, I often just sprinkle the crust with garlic powder.  Also, in place of the fontina, which can be pricey, I'll sub an Italian blend shredded cheese.

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