Monday, August 18, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

My friend Debbie,  of Mountain Breaths featured me last week on her blog, which you can read about here, and  she asked me to participate on the Tour Through Blogland.  Debbie and I have been blogging friends for several years and we are kindred spirits.  I have been inspired by so many of her recipes and always love seeing her McKenzie Childs' bargains that she finds.  Debbie and her hubby, Joe, enjoy the outdoors and besides their lovely home, they have a cabin in upstate New York.  When Debbie and her girlfriends go on their "glamping trip", she has taken me along via my recipes.  Thank you, Debbie, for featuring me.

We love Debbie's Best Beans Ever and her Can't Leave 'Em Alone Bars.
You will love them, too!

What am I working on right now?

My beloved husband passed away a year ago on August 16th.  I have tried to keep busy with cooking, sewing, and doing projects with my six grandchildren.We have made bread, treats, and ice cream this summer.   Another grand is due in November and I made a crocheted chevron blanket for he/she.  My youngest son and DIL want to be surprised at the baby's sex and that is quite exciting.  I've also been making doll clothes, a doll sleeping bag, a nap mat, and soon will be making a changing pad, diaper wipes case and crib bedding. 

Kitty's Kozy Kitchen is always open, but my sewing room has been buzzing!

How Does my Work Differ from Others in this Genre?

I don't really think that my work is all that different.  We're all just trying our best to make a difference in this world and sharing our passion.  I have always loved trying new recipes and I love to write.  Combining the two is fun for me!

Why do I write/create what I do?

I started this blog with encouragement from my daughter.  I wanted to have a place for all my favorite recipes that friends and family could easily find.  The wonderful surprise and bonus that I've discovered through blogging is the friendships that have developed.  I love being inspired by my blogging sisters through their recipes, crafts, table settings,  decor, and spiritual guidance.  Who knew that you could be friends with people that you've never met??  I have developed real connections  with my blogging friends, and you begin to really know their personalities.  I've certainly appreciated the kindness, warmth, and encouragement that my blogging friends have given to me.

How does your writing process actually work?

I love sitting out on my patio, by my waterfall.  The sounds of the water and the birds help me to think.  I can check new recipes and get inspired to write and it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I am introducing Rattlebridge Farm:
It's my pleasure to introduce  Michael Lee West of Rattlebridge Farm.  Michael Lee is an author, a wonderful cook and food stylist, and fabulous, generous hostess of Foodie Friday and The Mystery Ingredient Club.  She has also been busy renovating her home in Tennessee.   Michael Lee doesn't even know this, but her Foodie Friday linky party was the very first party I ever linked to!  I totally messed up while trying to link up and yet Michael Lee was ever so gracious and even became a follower of my blog.  Next week, on August 25th, Michael Lee will continue the Blogland Tour.

When my beloved husband passed away a year ago on August 16th, Michael Lee sent this  lovely flower arrangement to me.  

Thank you for your visit!  xo


  1. The baby blanket is beautiful Kitty! How fun that they want to be surprised by the sex of the baby, it will be an exciting day for sure! Gotta try Debbie's baked beans, I see both you and Susan loved them-they're on the list:@)

  2. Adorable chevron blanket Kitty! I would find myself outside by your waterfall too enjoying the sounds and serenity it provides. Debbie's Best Beans Ever are very similar to my SIL's recipe but she adds a can of lima beans too, they are wonderful. Thinking about you. ♥

  3. Kitty, I will be checking out the beans. They go with everything. :) Glad you have so many grands to help you through your grief. Especially a brand new one.


  4. Kitty,
    I loved reading all about you..
    Love, Mona

  5. Kitty, I sure hope my sewing room will be buzzing when I have grandchildren ;o) I love the picture of your Kozy Kitchen, and know that many great recipes and memories are made there. I hope your week will be filled with enjoyment by your waterfall.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, sweet Kitty :) You have been a busy bee and may I just say that I LOVE the chevron blanket! You are so talented, my friend.

    I am very, very, very glad you started your blog because I have had the wonderful and blessed opportunity of meeting you - you are such a sweet gift to MANY. Love you!

  7. Ok...what did I do wrong. Stupid iPad novice that I am. Will try to come back when I have the real computer. Trying again...

  8. I would love to sit by that waterfall too. the sound of water is so soothing. And what a blessing to have six, almost seven, grandchildren. the little things you are making are adorable.

  9. One thing you omitted because I'm sure you would never toot your own horn and say so: Your inspiration and creativity come from deep within your own beautiful soul. You're a good egg, Kitty. A real good egg.

  10. Kitty, the baby blanket is beautiful. Congratulations! Another precious child for you! You know I'm a fan of all your wonderful recipes. I'm so thankful that we are blogging buddies. Enjoyed your post!

  11. I love your post, Kitty. I enjoy getting to know you a little better. and I always look forward to your posts. How exciting to have another grandchild on the way. The sound of falling water is so restful and if I had a little waterfall in my back yards I would be sitting by it too. I'm trying to learn the ripple pattern you are using in your afghan. I'm new to crochet so it's slow going.

  12. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my place, Kitty, on Tea Cup Tuesday. It means a lot, especially since you are such a busy beaver.

  13. I love your post, Kitty.Thanks for hosting! I am looking forward to checking out all the wonderful gardens!
    your Garden for Summer

  14. Oh well now...I had to visit for those bars...I learned that the link isn't working for me, but there's more than one way to find what one needs! Very interesting! For what it's worth, I think we all mess up the first time we link to a party. Ha! I know that I did.

  15. I love your post, too, Kitty - you are always an inspiration to me! I love having a little peek at your kitchen and your waterfall and also, seeing the sweet things you are working on for your precious grands. How lovely to have a new one to look forward to! My son and his sweetheart just got married on your sad anniversary - I will always remember you on this day. A big hug for you from your blog buddy. xoxo Karen

  16. Hi Kitty, what a pleasure to read more about you and your writing. I can why you choose to sit by the waterfall. It's so calming. Congrats on yet another grandchild. They are such a blessing. You are the sweetest person...I hope you are doing well. Love from Linda

  17. Great post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. I love it when a couple decides to wait and be surprised as to the sex of the baby. it's so rarely done these days. Nowadays, we pretty much know the name, weight, sex, and date of delivery months in advance.

    But I digress.

    I loved this blog tour. Your waterfall is lovely, and I think I might be able to feel inspired if I had one of those. Personally, I think that what sets your blog apart is your personality and the fact that your recipes are actually DO ABLE for me. And then, of course, there are the teas for one. I love those.

    I came earlier in the week but was trying to use my husband's Ipad and a personal hot spot from a cell phone while in the waiting room at the oral surgeon. Since then, I have been busy nursing my chipmunk faced daughter who had the surgery.


  19. Hi Kitty, I finally got a chance to come back by and leave a comment on this post. I read it earlier in the week, but didn't get to comment on it. I enjoyed this very much; I felt like I learned a little more about you. :) Your kitchen is so pretty! I loved seeing the projects you've worked on and the lovely things you recently made for your grandchildren. I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities, and the crocheted blanket is beautiful!

    It has been a pleasure to get acquainted with and get to know you through our respective blogs, Kitty. I hope maybe we might meet in person someday. :) Thanks for sharing and have a good week, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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