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Oatmeal Raisin Scones and Mock Devonshire Cream

          Some neighbors and I wanted to do a little afternoon tea get together. 

My son had to put chicken wire around three shrubs and a vine that are getting eaten.  It's such a battle!

This was my own tea party the next day with some of the leftovers.

I used my pretty Royal Stuart lily of the valley teacup that I received from a teacup exchange years ago.  

I made a charcuterie board for us.  There were supposed to be 8 of us, but only 4 could come.  The honey lemon cheese that I found at Kroger was a big hit.  It's almost like a dessert!  The Barely Buzzed Cheddar was dusted with coffee and lavender, and we decided it was just ok.  I already went back to buy more of the Honey Lemon Cheese.

I finally tried my hand at a salami rose by watching a video.  These are fun to do and look so pretty.

I made these little lettuce cups and made some tulip tomatoes stuffed with pearl mozzarella.  Another friend brought chicken salad in mini croissants which were so good.  

Another friend made these homemade petit fours, which were so yummy, and the teacup sugar cookies as a party favor.  She also made the deviled eggs.  We had an afternoon feast and shared a wonderful time together.

The Oatmeal Raisin Scones are one of my all-time favorites.  A mock Devonshire Cream was the crowning touch.

Yield: 12 large or 16 medium
Author: Kitty, but adapted Nick Malgieri's How To Bake cookbook
Oatmeal Raisin Scones and Mock Devonshire Cream

Oatmeal Raisin Scones and Mock Devonshire Cream

These scones come together so quickly in the food processor and are like eating a large oatmeal raisin cookie. There are no eggs in this recipe.


  • For the Scones
  • 1 and 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 and 1/2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/3 cup granulated or light brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1 and 1/2 cups raisins
  • 1 cup milk, plus milk for brushing the tops of the scone
  • 1 tablespoon sugar mixed with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (use sparkling sugar for crunch)
  • Mock Devonshire Cream
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar


  1. For the Scones
  2. Set rack in the middle of the oven & preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  3. Combine the dry ingredients in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Pulse 5 times at 1-second intervals.
  4. Cut the butter into 12 pieces, add to the bowl & pulse 12 times until the mixture looks like fine meal.
  5. Add the raisins & milk & pulse 3-4 times to form a very soft dough.
  6. Generously flour the work surface, turn the dough out, and fold the dough over on itself for 3-4 times, until it is less sticky.
  7. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts, for 12 scones, and make a 5" disk, or four equal parts, and make a 4" disk for 16 scones. Using a floured knife or bench scraper, quarter each disk.
  8. Arrange the scones on a parchment lined baking sheet, with 2" between them. Brush the tops with a little milk & sprinkle with the sugar-cinnamon mixture. Freeze the scones for 30 minutes, which is a trick I learned from King Arthur Flour, which helps for a higher rise. Bake the scones for 12-15 minutes, or until they are golden. Do not over bake as they will be dry.
  9. I always freeze any extra scones, then thaw and reheat in a 350 degree oven for several minutes. Enjoy!
  10. For the Mock Devonshire Cream
  11. Beat the cream in a chilled bowl until stiff. Add sugar and fold in the sour cream. Serve with scones.


For drop scones: Drop the dough, by large spoonfuls, onto cookie sheets that have been lined with parchment paper. You should get 12 large scones, or 16 medium.

I enjoyed all this nature on my patio recently.  I finally have a woodpecker showing up.

Thank you for your visit!  xo

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  1. WOW! I think the neighbors must be thrilled to party at your place with all the 'lovelies' around. The teacup is beautiful. I'm sure the scones were out of this world delicious - all the food looks inviting. How nice to have a neighborhood gathering. Thanks for the recipes and all your great tips. Thanks for sharing - have a blessed week dear friend. XO

  2. I think your little food display is lovely! I am sure your neighbors loved seeing your garden area and taking a pause for tea!

  3. I love you did this. Everything looks great - many hands made light the work - and getting together is always just so wonderful. You are an awesome hostess, Kitty.

    I love Les Muguets tea cup from an exchange. My mom's favorite flower. I have some that hide under my largest lilac bush in the corner garden and love to pick a few sprigs and put in a tiny antique medicine glass bottle and sniff it. Reminds me of mom b/c she always wore it as her signature scent. ♥

  4. Oh my goodness, what a feast! I would have loved sharing all those treats. Those lettuce cups are so pretty, Kitty! You did a great job with the salami roses too. The chicken salad, petit fours, the cookies - my kind of grazing! I'm adding honey lemon cheese to my Kroger list this week. I sure hope they have it in mine! Your scones and Devonshire cream sound delish too. I love your teacup. I sure my saga of digging out lily-of-the-valley last year doesn't leave a bad memory forever. The flower truly is pretty. Whays been eating your shrubs, deer, rabbits, or other pests? Do you have problems with armadillos where you are? Have a wonderful week!

  5. How nice to have the tea party with your neighbors Kitty. I love the charcuterie board and all of the food looks so good. Thanks for the scone recipe and have a nice week Kitty.

  6. Oh Kitty...I think I might be in trouble with those scones. I haven't had an oatmeal raisin anything in forever. Then my husband brought home a box of chewy oatmeal raisin cookies this weekend and I was hooked. I finished the entire box in two days. 🫣 It's my new craving, so your recipe is right on time...for my cravings...not my waistline!! Haha!!

  7. Precious Tea Time! Beautiful teacup too! Best wishes.

  8. Everything for your afternoon tea looks so delicious! I just saw a video of those salami roses the other day and thought they looked so cute and easy enough to do.

  9. Your tea time menu sounds so tasty and are how we love to graze Kitty! I love a potluck-style get together, it takes so much pressure off the host and you get to taste lots of treats. The Honey Lemon Cheese sounds so good, we don’t have Kroger in our area…it sounds like something you would find at Trader Joe’s. Alas, the nearest one to us is an hour away. Your salami rose turned out perfectly! I just took down some wire edging around some perennials yesterday which was probably a mistake with all our bunnies! I still kept it up around two clematis vines as the bunnies decimated one several years ago and it never recovered. Wishing you a wonderful week heading into Mother’s Day. ♥

  10. Love the charcuterie board! I would love to try the lemon honey cheese.

    Your lily of the valley teacup is lovely. My lily of the valley are starting to grow.

  11. Oh, this all sounds so wonderful! I love the salami rose and all the goodies look so yummy! It is such a joy to visit with you, sweet friend. Many blessings to you.

  12. Your table is Always set with such tasty and pretty things! Thank you for the recipes!
    I'll have to try making the mock cream...
    Happy Weekend!

  13. What a fun idea for a tea party Kitty, the charcuterie board of special nibbles~ everything looks so pretty and sounds very yummy! I have made salami roses, they are fun to make and look so pretty on a board like this. Your teacup is so pretty too~

  14. Such a lovely tea party Kitty. The scones along with your pretty charcuterie looks delicious. Dining alfresco is so nice.

  15. You are such a wonderful hostess and your patio is a beautiful place to host a tea party! The honey lemon cheese sounds wonderful. We have a chain of store called Metro Market which is owned by Kroger. I'll see if they carry it! Love the salami roses and those oatmeal scones look wonderful!

  16. Love those pretty salami roses, something I still need to try and do.
    I visited you via Full Plate Thursday. My entries are numbered #41+42.
    Please join SSPS: M-S

  17. scones are one of my favorite things to make ... and eat. so easy to pull together, so scrumptious to indulge in!

  18. The food looks good, especially your charcuterie board.
    I do like your lily of the valley teacup, it's lovely.

    All the best Jan

  19. All pretty, Kitty. The salami rose looks elegant. I need to try my hand at this.


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