Monday, December 4, 2023

Candle Cookies

Happy First week of Advent! 

I'm sharing these darling candle cookies that I saw a picture of as I thought they'd be cute to do with kids.  

Aren't these a darling project ?  They come together so quickly, too, using Pinwheel cookies and Pirouette's.

My Cup of Christmas teacup was given to me from my friend, Janne, and I just love it!

I made the tea cozy to coordinate with the teacup.  

We are having this Christmas Tea with the cookie candles.  I still haven't found the perfect Christmas tea blend, but I'm always searching.

My youngest daughter-in-law gave me this plant several years ago that was given to her as a gift, knowing that I love plants.  It has grown so much.  I do keep it outside Spring through Fall.  

These little Santas were from my daughter years ago, when we started collecting them.  The funny thing about the top Santa is the calendar that he's holding says 1996.  Harper, a few years ago, took a piece of popcorn from the bucket and ate it before I could stop her!

My mantle looks so pretty at night.  

Yield: However many you want to create
Author: Kitty
Candle Cookies

Candle Cookies

I saw a picture of these and had to try them!


  • Pirouette cookies (mine were from Pepperidge Farm), or any round wafer type cookie
  • Pinwheel Cookies (mine were from Nabisco)
  • Sliced or blanched whole almonds
  • Chocolate to melt to adhere the almond to the top and to keep the "candle" in place (I used white candy melts)
  • Powdered sugar and a little water to make the "wax"


  1. Cut the Pirouette cookies to the size that you want
  2. Melt some chocolate or candy melts to hold the "candle" in place in the center of the pinwheel cookie.
  3. Attach a sliced almond or whole blanched almond to the top of the "candle" with a little melted chocolate.
  4. Mix a little powdered sugar with some water to make an icing to drizzle for the "wax".
  5. Enjoy you candle cookies!


Sometimes you can find these cookies at Aldi.

Thank you for your visit!  xo


  1. Your cookies turned out great Kitty, I haven't see this idea before and love that it's a no-bake project! Looks like you're all set for Christmas-enjoy:@)

  2. Those are so cute! I used to love doing these quick no bake snacks with my boys when they were younger.

  3. Those cookies are adorable! Those would be good ones for J this year. Love your Christmas memories decor. Tea cozies are the cutest thing ever!

  4. Merry Monday, Kitty. The cookies are so cute. Thanks for the idea, I will make those with my granddaughters! I love your pretty teacup and tea cozy. The Norfolk Pine is so healthy looking. Wishing you a most wonderful week!

  5. Christmas is upon us ... "Merry & Bright" ... Love your mantel. Each of your posts are so creative and yummy looking. You definitely have a gift of presentation. Love your posts.

  6. How pretty your mantel looks, Kitty, and I love your Christmas teacup and the cozy you made to match. Have a wonderful week!

  7. How cute Kitty! I love no bake creations! Your Christmas tea cup is so pretty and all your Santa's are just adorable :) I like your tea cozy too, a lovely holiday vignette!

  8. I have never seen or heard of candle cookies. What a fun way to celebrate the beginning of the Advent season! Everything looks so pretty and festive, Kitty!!

  9. What a cute idea, Kitty! That would be a fun project for the kiddos. Oh my goodness I hope Avery didn't get sick eating the fake popcorn! Or was it real and just really old - LOL. Love your pine plant! You should put some ornaments on it for Christmas!

  10. Ingenious cookie idea...and I bet they taste delicious. Off to pin this one! Thanks Kitty!!

  11. Kitty, Your candle cookies are adorable...such a sweet idea for Advent! Love your adorable Santas and chuckling over Harper eating the popcorn. :) Love your pretty Christmas tea cup and coordinating tea cozy! ☕ I'm still looking for the perfect Christmas tea blend too. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! ❤️🎄

  12. I love how we both received the cup of Christmas teas from friends!

    What is the flavour profile of your perfect Christmas tea .

    Harper eating 20-year-old popcorn makes me feel better about consuming food that are a few months past their "best before date". Ha!

  13. Such an adorable table with goodies and your mantle looks amazing!

  14. oh my goodness those candle cookies look so fun, yummy, AND doable, Kitty! i'm bookmarking this even as we speak. so awesomely creative.

  15. Kitty, the candle cookies are so cute. Love your Christmas tea cup. Your Santas are darling
    How special the tree has grown and is striving. Wishing you a joyful holiday season..

  16. I do like your Christmas tea cup.

    All the best Jan

  17. The candle cookies are just soo adorable! I love how easy they look to make too! We have a couple of Christmas gatherings to attend, and they would be great to take! Your Christmas teacup is just gorgeous. I don't have any Christmas tea - but that one you have does look delicious! Blessings to you dear friend!

  18. These are so cute! I love how easy they are. What a fun idea. Visiting from the Love Your Creativity linkup. (I'd love to see you share this post at my linkup, too, if you'd like: Merry Christmas!

  19. I love those cute candle cookies Kitty. They are so festive and perfect for the holidays. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  20. What a neat idea for a cookie! You come up with the funnest ideas, sweet friend. I love and appreciate you so much and always enjoy your posts.


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