Monday, June 3, 2013

Crepes with Nutella and Strawberries

I've set my grandkids table outdoors for crepes and tea today. Won't you join me?   I'm using the table topper that I made from a vintage tablecloth.
My strawberry pitcher is filled with  wispy Blackfoot Daisies, which grow beautifully in Texas. Don't they resemble the flower on the pitcher? 
I'm using my favorite strawberry plates, from Pier 1, the black gingham napkins that I made and the Cambridge flatware that is tied with polka dot ribbon that ties into the polka dot that I used on the topper.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. If you want to enjoy a wonderful treat for breakfast, dessert or tea time, I hope you try these. I took a photo of this recipe when I was getting my haircut (aren't smart phones wonderful??) and now I can't remember which magazine it came from. The crepe batter is different than ones I have preciously done, as it has half cornstarch and half flour. They turn out beautifully and so easy to work with. If you've never made crepes, or even if you have, I hope you can make these soon and we can pretend that we're in a café in Paris!  Here's the recipe:

2 eggs
1 cup skim milk ( I used 2%)
1/2 t. almond extract
1/2 c. cornstarch
1/2 c. flour
1 T. oil
2 T. sugar
3/4 t. baking powder
1/4 t. Salt
a pinch of allspice

Sliced strawberries
Powdered sugar and cocoa powder, for garnish

Whisk the first 10 ingredients  together in a medium size bowl. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. Stir.

Heat an 8" (I used a 10" because that's what I have) non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. I rubbed a little butter on the skillet even though it didn't say to.

With a ladle or 1/4 cup measure, add 2 T. batter to skillet. Tilt and rotate pan to coat. Cook 30 seconds or until crepe is browned on bottom and edges are dry. Lift with a silicone spatula and flip over. Cook 5 seconds, then transfer to a sheet of wax paper. Repeat with remaining batter, stacking crepes with wax paper in between.

Spread the crepes with Nutella and scatter sliced strawberries on top. Fold, then dust with powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

Makes around 13-16 crepes

I leave you with one of my favorite wind chimes, which I bought at our local Trade Days for  under $10.  Isn't this teapot the cutest?  It has strawberries hanging from the bottom, along with some other fun things. On the lid of the teapot is a red jingle bell. 
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  1. Kitty, what a darling grandkids table you have set! Love the table topper that you made with the vintage tablecloth. It would be nice to join you, and your grandkids for a delicious crepe and tea ;o) I can see why you love those strawberry plates, and they look great with the black gingham napkins and the red Cambridge flatware. The wind chime is so cute! xo

  2. I do hope you sharing at Tea In The Garden - this is so cute!!!

  3. Oh wow, Kitty- thanks!! I have never made crepes and sooo love them...I am So going to try this recipe out when I get back. YUM.

  4. I love your beautiful table topper Kitty, the rick rack is so much fun! No doubt the crepes are great and the kids had a blast:@)

  5. Kitty, how lucky your grandkids are! This is one of my favorites of your creations. I LOVE the table topper and the napkins you made!! My mom has a small collection of those vintage tablecloths, and I think they're so cheerful and summery. Your table is perfect because what could be more cheerful than daisies and strawberries?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe; I've never had the nerve to try crepes. I always thought they looked a bit tricky to make. :) Yours look delicious.

    Your wind chimes are darling! I hope you and your grands have a wonderful day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. So many sweet ideas here. Thank you! I love the sweet table topper. Actually, I love it all!

  7. The thing I noticed about this post is how well it ties in with your blog colours and scheme - black and white gingham napkins to match the sidebars. The kids must have loved the strawberry dishes and crepes. I love the teapot wind chime, it's so sweet.
    Strawberries with chocolate, mmm.

  8. My goodness, those look fantastic! Kitty, have you ever tried Jif's chocolate hazelnut spread? We're addicted to it around here...great on warm toast, topping granola bars, or just eating by the spoonful. Your table topper and strawberry plates and pitcher are beautiful. Love your tea in the garden, Kitty!

  9. I would love to sit down to that sweet table! It's adorable! I love your strawberry plates & pitcher and the black & white checkered napkins too.

  10. Pretty as a picture kitty. love the tablecloth and the red catches my eye. Love that pitcher....I would be honored to join this fun and colorful tea party. xo Linda

  11. This sounds and looks wonderful! Love crepes and Nutella. Thanks for the recipe. What a wonderful treat for the grandkids. That vintage tablecloth and those strawberry plates are so pretty.


  12. I have made these!! but I do not remember from where I get it. I loved them. The corn starch does two things, it makes the crepes easier to make and I know that crepes made with all corn starch don't need to rest at all, but can be made right away. Anyway, these are fabulous crepes!!!

    I love your topper. How clever to use an existing tablecloth.. I am hitting my head going duh duh duh.. why didnt' I think of that!!! The table is soo pretty. I love how you tied everything together in that polka dot ribbon. Kitty, it's wonderful! xo marlis

  13. Hi Kitty,
    What a darling table decorated with the sweet tablecloth and strawberry plates! My hubby loves crepes with nutella. I'll have to try your recipe! Love your tea in the garden!

  14. Dear Kitty, I forgot to mention how much I love your teapot windchime! So cute and the colors so perfect for you! A great buy!

  15. You've done an amazing job on your tablecloth. I love it! Your tablescape is wonderful, and I adore the black gingham checked napkins...and you made those, too! A renaissance woman, for sure. I've always been intimidated by crepes, but I'm going to give these a go. Thanks for the recipe and for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  16. Mercy! What a beautiful spread...and the recipe looks fabulous too. Can I come be one of your grandkids? I would
    feel so ROYAL getting to sit at that lovely tablescape. Thanks so much for sharing. Love it all!

  17. Darling table and delicious crepe recipe. Love 'em both. Yes I too want to be one of your grandkids! Thought I'd drop by although I haven't been blogging. Wanted to see what you were up to. And you certainly didn't disappoint. You always have wonderful posts Kitty! Miss ya!

  18. How gorgeous! lucky grandkids!! Delighted you like the grilled chicken and always feel free to link back :))
    Mary x

  19. Such a sweet table...and the crepes look yummy!

  20. I'm ashamed to admit I've never made crepes before! *blush*
    Here goes ANOTHER recipe of yours that I'll just have to try. Girrrrllll!!

    I love how you added the border & rick-rac trim to the vintage tablecloth...what a cute way to update it & make it bigger at the same time.
    I have one that was my Mom's & I've been toying with the idea of sending it out to a long arm quilter to have it covered in intricate thread designs. Probably cost $500+, but then I know it would remain a real treasure for generations.

  21. Oh, yes! Crepes in Paris are always a must for me. Often there are stands on the street or at brocante markets. I'll take mine with a bit of cognac, please. '-)
    Your setting has such a happy feel. Those strawberry dishes are adorable, and the blackfoot daisy is one of my favorites. Wish mine were thick with blooms so that I could consider them cutting flowers. '-)

  22. Just adorable Kitty! and yes, the daisies look just like the one on the darling strawberry pitcher! Your treats always sound amazing and get my sweet tooth talking to me :)

  23. Oh my goodness, how yummy. My children love Nutella! I love your strawberries.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Love your strawberries table and wonderful vintage cloth Kitty! I would love Nutella crepes for breakfast :)

  25. Hello, Kitty, first time visiting your site, I love your color scheme and design. Lovely table! It's great how your flowers match the flower on the pitcher. Now I'm gonna have to go get me some strawberry dishes. He he. We love making crepes. We like Nutella with bananas and organic cinnamon and chocolate syrup. Mmmm. Take care. -Dawn @ We Call it Junkin

  26. Just love the plates and the table topper you made!
    What a great charming cottage style table, I love it!

  27. Darling table setting! Love the daisies!!

  28. I came over from Rattlebridge to spread the love. Love crepes and they make a beautiful wow dish for company.

  29. Hi Kitty,

    So nice to have discovered your beautiful blog via Liz's party today! Your tablescape and tasty recipe are very appetizing and that strawberry pitcher with the daisy is TOO cute!! We have been enjoying these scrumptious nutella/strawberry forever here on the island, and I have had way too many this spring as our strawberries were especially sweet this year! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


    PS: Your banner is ADORABLE!!

  30. D.A.R.L.I.N.G!! This is just the sweetest table and treat for the grandbabies! :) The tablecloth is to die for! I love Nutella too. Thank you so much for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!!


  31. LOL I agree with Liz.....this is the cutest table! I love the topper, pitcher, plates, everything! Plus, strawberries and Nutella are two of my very favorite things! You are a fantastic Grammy, and I'm sure that your grandchildren appreciate your talent. Thanks for posting the recipe, and I love the wind chime, too! :D

    Thanks for visting my blog and for your kind comments.

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  32. So cute! Love the strawberry pitcher and the sweet daisies! That teapot wind chime is adorable.

  33. Love your table. I love collecting strawberry stuff also.

  34. I love those strawberry plates...and crepes!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing your great recipe with Full Plate Thursday and have a wonderful week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  36. That table is so adorable! I love the topper and the plates, and the windchime, just perfect!
    Thanks so much for linking at Let's Dish!

  37. What an adorable table you have set, Kitty! I wish I could have made these for my sons when they were home. My youngest guy had been to France twice and he claims their crepes are the best he has ever had. It would have been so fun to make these for him. Love the wind chime too. Thanks for sharing with us and have a beautiful day.

    Blessings & hugs,

  38. Oh, I meant to mention your table topper; very cute!

  39. Sounds yum! I love anything with strawberries.
    Your decor is just adorable!

  40. Hello Kitty,
    Your strawberry and nutella tea looks delicious and gorgeous! The vibrant colors and strawberry china look so summery and fun. I have had similar crepes and they are very very tasty.
    You must be the favorite grandmother! lol! Your grandkids must love teas like this!

  41. Hi Kitty: I love how your table looks with so many strawberry accents. Your topper is so very pretty. Thanks for sharing, everything looks so good. Blessings, Martha


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