Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anniversary Baguettes with Dipping Oil

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today we are celebrating 42 years of marriage!! How can that be? We were both born in Pennsylvania, moved to Ohio and met our freshmen year in high school.  We were both still in college when we married  in Columbus, Ohio.  I taught Home Economics for several years and then our four children came along.  We lived in Michigan for a short period before moving to Texas and we've been here almost 26 years.   Lucky for us, we were high school sweethearts. I always tell my hubby that with  today's we probably never would have met, as we're so different. He likes to hunt, loves sports,  vegetable garden and I like to read, bake, cook and sew. However, we've just always loved each other, had FuN together, had four great kids and now six wonderful grand kids. My hubby's the most loyal, hard-working, committed, dedicated person. He's had cancer for the past almost 7 years, been on chemo for nearly 2 years and you would never know it. He's MY HERO.  He's the one I,  and our family, can count on and who I LOVE. Happy Anniversary to us!!

Our oldest son's in-laws (and our friends!) share the same anniversary as us.  Isn't that a coincidence?

I made this basket when we lived in Michigan, before moving to Texas, dated 1985!

Elyse pattern wine goblets by Franciscan ($7.99 in 1970, $47.99 today!)
I made an easy meal for us...just summer sausage, grapes, strawberries, cheese, a trio of stuffed olives and French baguettes. The recipe for the crunchy baguettes is from and can be found here.  I have another French bread recipe that I love, but it is a softer texture, and can be found  here.   This time I wanted something crunchy and these baguettes made us feel like we were eating at a bistro in Paris, even though we've never been!

These plates were a gift from a dear friend.

We love to dip our bread in an olive oil, which I tried to copy from a favorite Italian restaurant. Here's my rendition:

About 1/3 cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
About 1 t. Italian seasoning
About 1/4 t. Basil, dried
About 1/4 t. Oregano, dried
A sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes

Heat the olive oil in a small saucepan. Add the garlic and simmer for about a minute, just to get the raw garlic taste out. Add the rest of the herbs. Let cool. Enjoy as a dipping sauce for French bread.

Baguettes rising on parchment paper
My tip for Yvonne's  Tips, Tutorials and Tidbits party  over at, is when  baking breads, such as french baguettes, or pizzas, is to put the shaped dough on parchment paper and slide this onto a rimless cookie sheet. When you're  ready to bake, you can then slide the parchment paper onto the baking stone that's been heating in the oven. Who needs a pizza peel??!!

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  1. Oh dearest Kitty,

    You have been married for 42 years today? That is AWESOME!!! Happy anniversary, my sweet friend!

    I wish you two many more years of happy and healthy togetherness. Bless you both!

    Hugs ♥


  2. Kitty -- you don't even look a day over 42 -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both :)


  3. Happy anniversary! Buckeyes, huh? A lot of my husband's family went to OSU.

  4. Oh what a lovely wedding photo. Happy Anniversary!!!. I wish you many, many more. Hugs, Marty

  5. Happy Anny Kitty! Wishing you both all the best! Love the tip about parchment paper, gotta keep things as easy as possible:@)

  6. Happy Anniversary Kitty, what a wonderful post about your hubby and you! Your celebration meal looks so yummy and thanks so much for the recipes. Have a good evening.

  7. Happy Anniversary Kitty. I love your story!

  8. Happy Happy Anniversary. Praying for you both. Your story is that of which fairy tales are made! Texas is blessed to have you in the state.. Thanks for the recipe.. still looking for a good french bread recipe! Must try this one.. Many blessings, xo marlis

  9. Happy Anniversary Kitty~ a match made in heaven beats every time! I love your easy & celebratory meal :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! Your basket vignette looks delicious and attractive.

  11. 42 years!!! Good for you and congratulations! Looks like a lovely celebration meal. One I would enjoy. Praying right now that the chemo will cause the cancer to go into remission...

  12. Happy Anniversary, and all the best to you both! I love the wedding photo with your veil blowing in the breeze.

    Your menu sounds wonderful -- my kind of food.

    I hope you two celebrate many more.

  13. Congratulations, Kitty! Happy Anniversary, so happy for both of you. May you have many, many, many more happy years together. Love your anniversary meal, so pretty!...Christine

  14. Happy Anniversary Kids! What a lovely post Kitty - I didn't know your dearest was fighting cancer. Sure makes you appreciate every single day huh? Hope you've enjoyed a very special celebration! It's nice to know you've lived in my area of the country for a time. If you were closer, we'd certainly have to make a lunch date. Extending warm wishes for many more happy years together. I just love that basket full of goodies.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Love the beautiful meal!!

  16. Happy Anniversary. Sweet Mister and I are headed toward 44. The four of us are in a very select fraternity. I can't believe that you made that wonderful impressed! Thanks for inviting us to the celebration. Cherry Kay

  17. Oh, my gosh! Look at you guys!! So cute and so in love to this day!!! Happy Anniversary to you both, and may you enjoy many, many more!

  18. God bless you and your dh, Kitty! May He give you many more happy years together. He sounds like a wonderful man!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  19. Happy anniversary and many more!

  20. Happy Anniversary! Love your homemade bread!

  21. Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful love story.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Aw... I love the bride and groom pic at the end! Happy Anniversary, and I love the recipe and tip too. My husband happens to love baguettes with dipping oil.

  23. Happy Anniversary Kitty. Wow, 42 years is wonderful..You made that basket? What a lovely treasure. Great tip about not needing a pizza peel. Your homemade bread looks divine.

  24. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    Wow! Pain richรฉ? that's incredible. How I wish I could bake such. I am just drooling everytime I visit you and so envied, §:-) your cooking knowledge.

    Enjoy your day and have a blissful w/end.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  25. Wow, happy anniversary!! What part of Texas do you live in? Congrats on 42 years, next year will be our 30th!!

  26. Happy anniversary Kitty! The years do go by so quickly, don't they? That was a romantic and tasty meal that you made for your anniversary, I hope you will celebrate many more!

  27. Oh boy, I am all teary eyed. Congratulations! I am 24 years with my husband 21 of them married. We are very different too. I moved to Oregon from Texas. He moved from Greece to Oregon. We have lived in Greece for the last 21 years. I may just copy your anniversary super for us next year! ((hugs)) I am glad you two have each other!


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