Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heath Bar Cake Roll (honoring Mom)

The tablecloth is actually a sage green!!  Notice the great cake cutter!
In honor of Mother's Day, Kathleen is hosting a party at Let's Dish!.  I am featuring a recipe of my Mom's that our family all loved.  It is Sooooo good!  I am also showing the china that my Dad and I bought for Mom when they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  Dad and I went to Lazarus Department Store in Columbus, Ohio, and picked this out for her.  It is the Berkshire pattern by Royal Doulton.  Mom gave it to me several years ago, because she knows my love for dishes.  I think it is such a beautiful pattern that will always be in style. It is ivory with sage green and gold.  The crystal is my Grandmother's and I don't know the pattern.  Maybe someone out there knows about it??  The sterling silver is my Grandmother's, also, and just says "Lunt", on the back.  It's so beautiful and comes with so many wonderful pieces, like individual butter knives,  and great serving pieces.  I really should use it more, but wish it was easier to care for!

Sponge Cake Roll:

3/4 cup flour
1 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt
4 eggs, separated
1 t. vanilla
3/4 cup sugar, divided

Sift flour, baking powder and salt together (I use a whisk to do this!).  Set aside.

Beat yolks and vanilla until lemon-colored.  Add 1/4 cup sugar gradually and beat until very thick.

Beat egg whites in another bowl, until soft peaks form.  Add remaining 1/2 cup sugar gradually and continue beating until stiff and glossy.

Fold yolk mixture into egg white mixture and then fold in dry ingredients.

Spread batter evenly over greased and wax-paper lined jelly roll pan.  Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.

Turn onto towel that has been sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Peel off wax paper.  Roll the cake with the towel.  Cool on wire rack.

Best Frosting Ever:
(This frosting is good for chocolate cake, cupcakes and especially Red Velvet!)

4 T. flour
1 cup milk
1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 t. vanilla

Heath bars, crushed for adding later (I used about  2 and 1/2 of the regular size bars)

Cook the flour and milk in a saucepan, while whisking.  The mixture will get very thick like a paste or pudding.  Cool in fridge.

Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy, using the whisk attachment for your mixer. 

Gradually add the cooled milk mixture, a tablespoon at a time, and beat well for 5-10 minutes.  You want it to get very silky and free of any grains of sugar.

Add the crushed Heath bars, reserving some for decorating the top.

Unroll the cake and spread with about 2/3 of the frosting. Roll the cake, without the towel and place on platter. Frost the outside with the remaining frosting. Sprinkle with the reserved Heath bars.

The cherub is fitting for Mom and is from Tuesday Morning, several years ago.

The lace tablecloth was my Grandma's and I love it all scrunched up!

The china is Royal Doulton, Berkshire  pattern

My Grandma's crystal

My Mom makes jewlery which I thought would make pretty napkin rings.

I'd love for you to share a slice of cake and a cup of tea!
My sweet Mom and I.  Yes, she made the necklace!
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  1. I love this! Isn't it fun to use family treasures. It means so much to have them, and to use them. The cake sounds wonderful!! I am crazy about Heath Bars! What a nice way to honor your sweet Mom! Love and hugs.

    1. What a sweet way to end the night! Our Petite Cakes are just as exquisite as our signature cakes, but smaller. Each has a creamy layer of ice cream and comes in a variety of choices. university of alabama graduation cakes

  2. Pretty table and very interesting cake cutter! I'll have to give your frosting a try, seems I've been bookmarking lots of cooked frosting lately:@)

  3. That cake roll looks delicious! I must make it sometime, yummy!

  4. Gorgeous sweet lady! I love your family treasures, nothing I prefer more than heirlooms like these. I'm loving your rolled cake and the cooked frosting, they are the best! Yummy looking. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  5. What a sweet post! How nice to have pretty things passed down to use! The dishes that my grandmother passed down to me are my very favorite!
    Thanks for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY with your pretty table and yummy heath bar cake roll!

  6. That cake looks very tempting...yummy! The china & crystal are beautiful & you are lucky to have inherited them.

  7. Kitty~ You had me at Heath Bar! I love your cake cutter and your cherub centerpiece table :)

  8. Kitty - your table and china is stunning! I LOVE heath bars, this recipe is a keeper for sure. Your table is so whimsy, love the centerpiece. Beautiful photo of you and your mama!

  9. Hi Kitty
    What a sweet looking table with the angel in the middle. It is nice that you have passed down china and crystal from family, they're real treasures.
    The cake looks delicious, please save me a piece.

  10. Hello Kitty,
    What a lovely table setting! The china is exquisite and the photo of you and your mother is precious! Your cake looks really good too. Thank you for sharing this with us and joining me for tea. Have a delightful week.


  11. great looking table and sweet cake

  12. Your cake is making my mouth water. I'd love to have a slice right now. I also like your clever idea for using necklaces as napkin rings. What a wonderful way to honor your mother by showcasing some of her talent for Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing another great post at Your Cozy Home Party!

  13. Hi Kity,

    thanks for coming by to say hello. This cake looks delish! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Hi Kitty -- The cake roll looks scrumptious! I like your dishes from Lazarus Department Store. I went with my sister-in-law to a Lazarus in Indianapolis because she wanted me to try the Tarragon Chicken Salad. I left with one of it's recipe books. Your mom must have been so excited to have gotten the dishes from you and your dad! Now I'm YOUR newest follower! Hope you're having a good week! ~ Karen

  15. Kitty, boy does that cake sound divine! What a sweet idea for using the necklaces your mom created as napkin rings. The china is lovely and the photo of you and your mother is precious!

  16. Oh the cake roll looks so yummy! Love your Doulton china, and how you scrunched your grandmother's tablecloth in the middle.

  17. Kitty the cake looks delicious and the china is lovely! such a sweet photo of you & your Mum :)

  18. Kitty, You made this post so special by baking and sharing the sponge cake recipe. I love the story of you and your Dad and the Royal Doulton china. The Mother's Day table is so elegant and timeless which is perfect with the use of your Grandmother's crytal and sterling. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!

  19. Such a lovely post - so special and I LOVE the cake recipe!!
    Mary x

  20. What a wonderful post :) This cake looks divine too, I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  21. HI Kitty! Oh, that cake looks so wonderful and I'm sure it tastes terrific. Your table is lovely and I love your sweet centerpiece.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. You score TWO thumbs up. One for the recipe, and another for the dishes. They are beautiful on the table.

  23. I love heath bar, and I love cake. What a great idea to put them together!

  24. Pretty dishes! The cake looks so good. Happy Mother's Day!

  25. The crystal is so pretty. Love your center piece.
    The dessert looks delicous.

  26. Oh my, the cake looks and sounds delicious, and the tablescape is stunning. I love the beautiful crystal and china with gold trim and the cherub is so perfect. Beautifully done. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  27. That cake roll really looks delicious!

  28. That Heath roll looks TO DIE FOR yummy!

    Neat pic of you and your momma!

    Your table is so serene and lovely!

  29. I love that picture of you and your mom.. the china and the table looks fabulous. So lucky to be the keeper of the beautiful treasures. I think this is the thing for dessert club at work this friday.. Maybe I should practice first? Have a blessed weekend.. xo marlis

  30. The sponge cake roll look so yummy. Your picture with your mom is so precious, so lovely. Beautiful table!...Christine

  31. This all looks yummy. Cute idea to use the bracelets as napkin rings. I've often thought that would be a nice idea, and so perfect since your mom makes these. Sweet photo! Happy Mother's Day.

  32. Oh, Kitty, such a sweet post honoring your mom. Beautiful table and yummy recipe too!

  33. What a great recipe and the fact that is is from your Mom is a treasure. I shall use it. Thank you for sharing. Your Mom's dishes she handed down to you are beautiful. The tablecloth is lovely. My mother also makes jewelry, so I appreciate the beauty of your Mom's piece. Great idea to use some as napkin rings. Happy Mother's Day.

  34. That cake roll looks amazing! I really love your mom's (and now your) china pattern -- very elegant! I couldn't quite see the silver pattern, but mine is also Lunt -- Belvedere -- and looks rather similar. Happy Mother's Day!

  35. This is a great post. Your cake looks really good! It is always nice to past things and recipes down through the generations. Your mother's dishes are beautiful! I hope you have a good Mother's Day!

  36. What a great recipe to have from your Mom, it looks yummy. Such a nice picture of the two of you. I like using the pieces as napkin rings. The china and crystal are beautiful too.

  37. The cake itself looks amazing and the fact that you put Health bar crumbles in it puts this over the top. Please share this on my foodie friday linky and happy Mother's day.

  38. Hi Kitty,
    Your tablescape is so pretty, I love the little angel on your table and your Grandmothers Crystal, that is so special. Your Heath Bar Cake might not even make it to the table here it looks fabulous! Hope you have a Very Special Week End and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  39. Now THAT is a fine Mother's Day tribute! Using the jewelry your Mom made as napkin rings...priceless!!!!!! Your table is so sentimental and so sweet. You are absolutely right about your china pattern. It is the kind of design that will endure over the ages. That is so sweet that you are taking care of it now. The Heath Bar cake looks absolutely decadent! I would feel like I had to go to confession the next day! :-) Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend!!!!!!!!

  40. That looks so good! I love Heath Bars! Neat cake cutter, and the china is so pretty! How sweet of mom to give it to you! Love the jewelry napkin rings!
    Happy Mother's Day to you and yur sweet mom!

  41. Hi Kitty, your heirlooms make such a wonderful table setting and the cherub in the center is adorable. Heath bars are my absolute favorite, so I will have to try your cake soon. I hope you and your mother have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  42. Kitty what a DELICIOUS looking and sounding recipe. Wow I love cake rolls anyway and that one is over the top. I had forgotten that frosting recipe and now remember how GOOD it is. Thanks for the reminder....I'm going to make it this week...probably to go on your cake roll. Loved seeing your grandmothers tablecloth scrunched. I love to scrunch things too. And all the other beautiful heirloom things. Your table is truly lovely.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day.


  43. Your cake looks so delish I had to follow.. Your table looks so inviting also.

  44. That is a perfect looking cake...I have never had any luck making a rolled cake, they always crack!
    Happy Mother's Day, Kitty.

  45. The dishes are beautiful, the silver is beautiful and that cake is REALLY beautiful...but you and your mom are the most beautiful of all.
    I sure am missing my mama tonight. here I am, 74 years old and I've cried off and on all day long because I miss her. Whew...tomorrow will be a better day...all my kids will be here.:)
    xo bj

  46. Think I have died and gone to heaven! Heath Bars have been my favorite candy, since my college days. I cannot wait to try this. Love that china - your dad had great taste! Your grandmother's crystal is lovely, too. Happy Mother's Day!!

  47. Getting to the dessert! It looks delicious!!!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  48. Oh, this looks delicious. If only Heath bars weren't so difficult to come by. Thanks so much for being a part of my 100th Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  49. Hi Kitty!

    I LOVE Heath bars (and the sweeter Almond Roca... mad in my home town of Tacoma, Wa.)and this cake roll looks delicious!

    How lucky of your mom to get those lovely dishes so many years ago, and lucky for you to have them now. Her jewelry really brightens up the napkins.
    Thanks for sharing at my party this week.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  50. Looks wonderful! thanks for sharing Joann


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