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Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

I have a perfect treat for the 4th of July!  

I brought these strawberries to a luncheon this past week when we had a July 4th themed party.  They are perfect in a deviled egg plate.  My pretty strawberry napkin was gifted to me as a set of four from Bernideen at  Bernideen's Teatime Blog.  They are such a favorite of mine and I just love them!

At home, I placed them on my very favorite dish pattern from Mikasa called Berry Delight.  Oh how I love this pattern.

I like this Strawberry Fair Johnson Bros pattern to complement the pretty dishes.  

Yield: Varies
Author: Kitty
Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

These are a fun little treat for anytime, but with the blueberry added, they're perfect for the 4th of July.


  • However many strawberries you'd like to use, washed, dried and cut in half, leaving the stem on, and scoop out the core.
  • Blueberries to add on top
  • Filling:
  • 1 8-ounce pkg. of cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of almond flavoring or vanilla


  1. Beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar and flavoring together until smooth and creamy.
  2. To fill the strawberries, if you like to use a pastry bag, fill it and use the star tip for piping. If not using a pastry bag, you can put the filling in a food safe bag, snip of a corner, and use that for piping. You also can just spoon some filling right into the cavity of the strawberry
  3. Top with however many blueberries you'd like, usually 1-3.


You could also use sprinkles on top in place of the blueberries.

Thank you for your visit!  xo

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  1. Those sound yummy and perfect for summer!

  2. How cute! I blew up the photo so I could see all the details, really adorable. Have a good week, Kitty. I was hoping for rain last night, amd all we got was a trace. It's been so hot and dry....unlike TX.

  3. These are delightful darlings! I do believe I will have to make them for July 4th! So easy and clever. All your dishes are so pretty! XO

  4. These stuffed strawberries sound like a good and easy dessert to serve for a party. I hope you enjoy your day and the week.

  5. Gorgeous for the 4th of July Kitty! And I love using the deviled egg dish, bet everyone loved the presentation:@)

  6. I am attending a friend's pool party on Saturday and I am supposed to bring a dessert - this is perfect. Thanks for the great idea. Now of course my poor hubs won't be able to eat it, being so terribly allergic to strawberries but Vivi will sure love them. Plus I was worried bringing cupcakes b/c of the frosting. Thought sugar cookies but it's hard to find the energy to bake when it's so hot. This is the perfect treat!

  7. Such a pretty sweet treat to celebrate the red, white and blue Kitty! I love that you used a deviled egg tray to serve perfect! Your Berry Delight by Mikasa is so pretty, I can see why it's your favorite...perfectly paired with your strawberry teapot, sweet napkins and Johnson Brothers Strawberry Fair. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ♥

  8. OMGoodness what a cute idea with the strawberries in the deviled egg plate! I think this is perfect for Independence Day. I am pinning this!

  9. Kitty, this is a great idea for a quick and easy sweet bite! Your tea tray is so pretty and I love the embroidered napkin. Happy Tuesday 🍓

  10. I've seen these all over Pinterest and I think they are a great bite, I've got to try this over the 4th Kitty! I like your addition of almond flavoring in your filling~

  11. Your strawberry teapot and teacups would be perfect for my strawberry oolong and green teas! The cream cheese stuffed strawberries are also a cool treat for the summer!

  12. How pretty these are. I love that you used a deviled egg plate to serve them. Your strawberry delight dishes are lovely. A yummy treat to serve that is easy.

  13. Pretty Red, White and Blue treat! Your strawberry dishes are adorable, Kitty!

  14. These look so yummy! You always share the best recipes! God bless you, sweet friend!


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