Monday, September 11, 2023

Cake Pops


I told a friend of mine that I would make some cake pops for her church's bake sale. The church has a carnival and cake pops are a big hit with the younger kids.  I had extras leftover and would happily share one with you if you'd care to join me.


My pretty Royal Minster teacup is from my friend Rosie's mom's collection.  

I made a sunflower tea cozy to go with my sunflower theme.

Here's the process of making cake pops, from top left to right.

Mmmmm the delicous result!

Yield: 22-24
Author: Kitty
Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Cake pops are not hard but are labor intensive. Having a helper would make them go so much more quickly.


  • Cake mix of your choice (I used a white cake mix)
  • Some prepared frosting (I used vanilla buttercream)
  • Candy Melts of various colors
  • Sprinkles
  • Cake pop sticks
  • A piece of styrofoam or an egg carton that has holes punched in to hold the cake pops until they are set
  • Cake pop clear bags for packaging and twist ties to seal.


  1. Day 1: prepare the cake according to directions on the box. Let cool until warm and then turn the cake out onto a cooling rack and trim away any crusty edges. Turn the cake back into a bowl or pan and crumble while warm; let cool. Add a spoonful of frosting and start mixing it in. You want the mixture to be somewhat like play dough and to form a ball. If it won't stick together, add some more frosting. I used a small cookie scoop to form cake balls that were even in size. Place these onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and cover them and put in the fridge.
  2. Day 2: Get your supplies ready of the candy melts, sprinkles, and cake pop sticks. Use a bowl or a tray with sides to catch the sprinkles so that they're not rolling all over the counter!
  3. Melt the candy melts according to directions on the package. I like to use a small glass for this. I also place this glass into a small bowl of warm water to keep the candy melts warm, being careful never to get any water into the melted chocolate. Make a hole in the top of the cake ball with the stick, then dip the end of the stick into the melted chocolate and place it into the cake ball. Smooth the chocolate around that end.
  4. Place the cake balls back onto the parchment lined sheet and let chill for a bit to harden.
  5. Working with a few at a time, and leaving the others in the fridge, dip the cake ball into the candy melts, covering it completely. Immediately shake on some of your sprinkles very quickly before the chocolate hardens.
  6. Place the sprinkled cake pops into the Styrofoam or an egg carton that has holes punched in. Let the cake pops dry before packaging them up.
  7. Enjoy and make some kids happy!

Sweet Ella, who used to do tea parties with me several years ago in the summertime, turned 13 this past week! 

Thank you for your visit!  xo


  1. YUM - your cake pops look so perfect, Kitty! And it is difficult to believe sweet Ella is now a teenager. It's been a blessing watching her grow up to be a lovely young lady. ♥

  2. I bet your cake pops were a huge hit!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ella! Cake pops are not only popular with the younger ones! 😉 Kitty, this tabletop arrangement is absolutely adorable and so perfect for September.

  4. Kitty, you cake pops look so good and I bet the kids loved them. Happy birthday to Ella. I hope you have a nice week Kitty.

  5. Adorable cake pops Kitty, I’m sure they were a hit at the church's bake sale! Love your pretty sunflower cozy for your teapot and sunflower plate, along with the pretty shape of your Royal Minster teacup and saucer. Happy Birthday wishes to Miss Ella. It looks like you are enjoying some cooler temperatures this week, yay! Happy Monday ♥

  6. I love your sunflower theme and the cake pops. Looks like a lovely event!

  7. Such pretty and inviting cake pops! I'm sure they were a hit at your friend's bake sale. Seems one of your grandkids is always having a birthday! =) How wonderful you can help them celebrate. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing this post. XO

  8. Love the teacup and tea cosy!

    Is the cosy hard to make? I couldn't resist ordering more teapot sweaters!

    Happy 13th Birthday to Ella!

  9. those cake pops look so fun and not too difficult to make. i'm bookmarking this (as I do so many of your recipes!) what a lovely gift to pull together for Christmas!

  10. The best kind of "Happy Food" for kids for sure! This is so cute and sunflowers are always Happy Flowers!

  11. Just love your beautiful tea cup! Oh I haven't made cake pops in a long while. I need to do that again as my family loves them. Sweet Ella is beautiful Kitty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Happy Birthday to Ella!
    Love the cake pop recipe!

  13. How nice of you to make cake pops for your friend’s church carnival, they look so professional! I love your sunflower theme table and the darling tea cozy you made! I hope you’re having a wonderful week Kitty~

  14. I've never had cake pops look that pretty! You have the magic touch, Kitty!! Thanks for the recipe, off to pin it!!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to Ella! Gorgeous teacup! Hugs.

  16. Aw, happy birthday to sweet Ella! I hope you and her are blessed to have many more happy occasions together! Your cake pops look amazing! I have always thought they were so neat, but I have not tried making them. Your photo is so helpful. God bless you, sweet friend.


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