Monday, May 9, 2022

Egg, Sausage and Hash Brown Casserole

                 On Mother's Day, I was thinking of my own dear mom.  Oh, how I miss talking to her each and every day, and asking her things.  We never quit missing our moms, do we?  Can you see the gorgeous peony in my vase?  I'm sure that it measures 7" in diameter.  It was part of a bouquet that my sister sent to me.


I used this favorite lily of the valley teacup that I received from a teacup exchange several years ago.  Doesn't it have such a sweet vintage charm?

My dear Dad, who has been gone now for 36 years, gave me this beautiful Goebel Madonna.  Isn't she beautiful? 

This is the bouquet of flowers that was delivered on my doorstep from my sister.  They came from Petal Pickers Flowers in Greenville, SC. I can't tell how many different kinds of flowers are in this bouquet, but it's so exciting to see the three peonies open up, especially since no one grows them here in Texas. 

My daughter, Molly, and granddaughter, Cissy, and I had lunch together to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday, and then we went to the nail salon.  

Yield: depends on serving size, but at least 12
Author: Kitty, but recipe is from my daughter-in-law, Kristen
Egg Sausage and Hash Brown Casserole

Egg Sausage and Hash Brown Casserole

Kristen made this for Easter 2022. Since I eat a serving of crustless quiche every morning, I decided to switch things up and make this. It is so good, and you prepare it ahead of time to bake later.


  • Half of a 30 ounce bag of frozen shredded hash browns
  • salt and pepper
  • 12 eggs
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 1 teaspoon season salt
  • 1-1/2 cups cheddar cheese (I used Mexican Blend), grated
  • 1-1/2 cups pepper jack cheese, grated
  • 2 cups cooked breakfast sausage (can use ham)


  1. Spray a 9 x 13" pan with cooking spray. Add the frozen shredded hash browns to the bottom. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs together; add the half and half and season salt, both cheeses and the sausage (or ham).
  3. Pour over the top of the frozen potatoes. Cover with foil and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.
  4. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for about an hour. (The original recipe said to bake for 90 minutes, but this is too long). Let rest for 10 minutes before serving.


I cut this into 24 servings and then froze on parchment paper and then when frozen, I transferred to a food safe container. I then take several out for the week and thaw in the fridge to have for my breakfast. It makes it so nice to have it ready in the morning.

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous bouquet! The Madonna reminds me of traditional May queen tribute to Mary from early parochial days. And I can't believe Cissy! She's a young lady now, how fun to continue sharing time with her and your daughter. And yes, we will forever miss our moms. Looks like your weekend was a great one, Kitty.

  2. Those are some really beautiful flowers! It sounds like you had a lovely day out celebrating Mother's day too. Your casserole sounds delicious.

  3. Everything is so beautiful! I love the flowers!!

  4. I love peonies, how lovely of your sister to gift you with flowers! The pic of you with your daughter and sweet Cissy is adorable! I love hash brown casseroles, my son made one for dinner last night {without sausage} as a side dish with BBQ ribs, yummy! So glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend Kitty~

  5. After admiring your "Lily of the Valley" cup and saucer last year, I found one on eBay. 💗 ( May is my birthday month.) The bouquet is truly gorgeous, especially with those peonies.
    Blessings, Linda

  6. Those are pretty flowers from you sister! It looks like you had a fun time this weekend and I hope you enjoyed Mother's day. Have a nice week Kitty.

  7. The Goebel Madonna is beautiful! It's very appropriate since May is the month of Mary.

    I actually have lily of the valley and peonies in my gardens, but they won't bloom until late May/June...

  8. What gorgeous flowers Kitty! Greenville is a 2-hour drive from us so I popped over to check them out. I love small flower farms! Such a cute photo of you, Molly & Cissy! I love a breakfast casserole that I cut an freeze squares to pull out an thaw. I have a similar recipe but am having a hard time finding frozen hash browns. Happy Monday. ♥

  9. So very lovely! that peony is amazing!!! How I would love to get a bouquet of them! They don't grow here in Florida either, and I miss seeing them. I actually only had them once in a garden in Ohio, in a big old house we rented and I had no idea what flowers would come up in the spring. I was so surprised to discover the peonies because I'd never seen them before! They were amazing. That yard also had lilacs, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, daffodils, all the lovely old fashioned flowers that we can't grow here in Florida. Wish I could have brought it with me! LOL. Your recipe sounds wonderful and looks delicious. I can't tell who is your granddaughter and who is your daughter...and even all look so young!! Lovely mother's day blessings! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Such good eatin' to be had!!!!!!! Wow, Cissy has really grown up!!! It's hard to believe that's her!!!!!! I love the closeness you share with your granddaughter. It's a beautiful thing!

  11. You have two of my favorite flowers there…Peonies and Lilies of the Valley in that beautiful teacup. Both should be blooming here by the end of the month or early June. My favorite time of year. I love that you got out for a fun day on Mother’s Day with your daughter and Cissy! The hashbrown egg casserole looks delicious.

  12. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Beautiful flowers from your sister. Love the picture of Cissy, Molly, and you!

  13. I love that beautiful teacup. The flowers from your sister are incredible, your special memories and gifts from loved ones make me so happy - and you, your daughter and grand are so pretty. So happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You certainly deserve it!!

  14. Kitty, this sounds delicious. I love the idea of cutting and freezing for future breakfasts. And I think you're right that we never stop missing our moms. I see Cissy is all grown up and looking more like her lovely grandma all the time!

  15. Dear Kitty, I see you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Your table is lovely and the sausage and hash brown casserole looks and sounds delicious. Such lovely treasures adorn the table, the peony is lovely. It looks beautiful with the Lilly of the Valley tea cup and of course the special Madonna from you dad. No, we never get over the loss of our moms. Mine has been gone now for 29 years, it's hard to believe. I still want to pick up the phone to call her, and I did everyday, sometimes more. Yes, I miss her so as I know you do your mom. Love seeing your sweet family members. Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend........Hugs.

  16. Wonderful post...Just adorable! Best wishes dear Kitty.

  17. No, we never get over missing our moms. Yours was a lovely lady and I can tell a lovely person having raised a daughter like you. My goodness! I love how Cissy looks right at us. That is not an easy thing to do. I couldn't remember visiting your post, came back to check, and realized that I had indeed not. Unheard of!

  18. Oh, the casserole sounds so amazing! I make one that is similar. It reminded me that I need to do that! We haven't had it in quite a while. I am so thankful you had a wonderful mother's day out with your girls. May Jesus bless you always, sweet friend.

  19. Kitty I ADORE peonies!! I have one bush that has begun to spread on its own so I'm hoping to get more to cut this year. I know people complain about the ants but I can't resist these giant, fragrant blooms and having them in the house! I tend to get most of the ants out and just scoop up the few strays that escape into the house haha! I'm so pleased to see you're still enjoying the lily of the valley cup . . . I really miss those teacup exchanges!

  20. We sure enjoyed featuring your awesome post on Full Plate Thursday, 589. Thanks so much for sharing with us and sure hope you come back again!
    Miz Helen


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