Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chicken and Orzo


Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen has challenged us to use something from our wedding china, or some china passed on to us by a relative, for her Let's Dish! party.  The picture above is of my wedding china.  The sad thing about this is that I (gasp!) sold the entire set.  I know, I know, I can't believe that I did such a dumb thing, either.  After a few years in our marriage, I loved the color blue and even wallpapered our dining room in a beautiful blue pattern.  I found another pattern and fell in love, sold the Lenox Brookdale pattern and bought a set of Brentwood, by Adams,  Ironstone dishes.  Several years ago, I mentioned to my late beloved hubby that selling my wedding china was one of the stupidest things I'd ever done.  He, being the sweetheart, told me to go and buy a set.  I never did, but still wish I had those dishes.  Have you ever done anything you've regretted??  I hope I'm not the only one.

 Here's a picture of my Brentwood by Adams pattern that I bought with the money from my wedding china. I hope this counts, Kathleen!  This ironstone pattern is made in England, and I do love it.  The crystal goblets are from our wedding gifts (yea, I kept them!) and the pattern is Elyse, by Franciscan.

 For my centerpiece, I've used a picture of my late beloved hubby's and my hands on our wedding day.  The more updated picture was taken on our Alaskan cruise, several years ago.  The dried bouquet is my wedding bouquet.  My sister, who was 8 years old and my flower girl, caught it and gave  it back to me. 

 Here's a close-up of the dinner plate.  The silverplated flatware is from our wedding (I did keep!) and it is Reflection, by Rogers Bros.

 The cup and saucer is such a pretty shape and of course I fell in love with the shamrock design!

This Chicken and Orzo Pasta dish is from Kraft.com and is absolutely so easy and tasty.  I would highly recommend this wonderful recipe. 

4 small  boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 lb.)

1/2 cup  Italian Dressing, divided

1 pkg.  (10 oz.) frozen artichoke hearts

1 cup  cherry tomatoes, halved

1 cup  orzo pasta, uncooked

1 1/2 cups  water (I think chicken broth would be better)

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil
freshly grated Parmesan cheese, for garnish (my idea)

COOK chicken in 2 Tbsp. dressing in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat 4 min. on each side or until each is browned on both sides. Remove from skillet; set aside.
ADD remaining dressing and all remaining ingredients except basil to skillet; mix well. Bring to boil on medium heat.
TOP with chicken; cover. Simmer on medium-low heat 9 min. or until chicken is done (165ΒΊF), stirring after 5 min.
REMOVE from heat; let stand 5 min. Top with basil. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

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  1. This does taste like an easy and tasty dinner Kitty! As for the dishes, it sounds like you've gotten lots of enjoyment and use out of the blue ones, and in my book, that's what it's all about:@)

  2. Oh Kitty -- what a gorgeous set of dishes!! So pretty and the food -- well, that is so pretty too :)


  3. Oh I am hungry for supper already.

    The dishes...both sets...are really lovely. Your husband was a sweetheart to tell you to go get another set of the originals. Happy sigh.

    Oh, yes, I have done my fair share of stupid, but the stupidest thing in my family has to rest with the one (may he rest in peace) who sold the family Bible. Now THAT was idiotic.

  4. Oh I regret selling things all the time..................never get over it, but then keep telling myself change is good and regret is not. Try not to beat yourself up too much, sweet friend.

    Love that ironstone china - I think you did better in your decision. : - )

    Awesome pic of the two of you - you are a stunning beauty, just wow.

    I am going to try that recipe, sounds SO good. Hugs.

  5. You had me at chicken and orzo, two of my most favorite comfort foods. Your wedding china was so pretty, but I bet you got much more use (and were way more relaxed) using the ironstone. That is also a pretty pattern.

  6. That is a sad story! I am glad you at least have this one setting. You are a sweet lady. Blessings, Martha

  7. Kitty, your ironstone is beautiful as well. I think we all regret decisions from time to time, but best not to look back and just move on. I suspect you have enjoyed the new selection for many years, so what's to regret about that? ;-)
    Dinner looks delicious and your centerpiece is very touching, sweet friend.

  8. Kitty, I am a blue and white fan so naturally I like your ironstone. Sorry about your regrets but you can always find it again and buy some pieces back.Your Elyse goblet is the same shape as my Franciscan crystal but the pattern is not the same. I can't remember the name of it. Mine does not have the crisscross pattern at the bottom.
    I am pinning your recipe. It looks delicious and I need a new chicken recipe. Like the artichoke flavor.

    I agree with Sarah, your centerpiece is so touching and special.

    Have a great week,Kitty.

  9. I sure enjoyed thus post Kitty! Your dishes are both just lovely, and that center piece... Very romantic and sentimental. You still have your bouquet, how wonderful.
    Yes,I have sold and given away things I have regretted, but no looking back, and no regrets. :-)
    I will for sure try that dish,I love orzo.
    Bless you! Debbie

  10. This is so sweet, I could cry. I'm sorry for the loss of your spouse. Yes, I do regret trading something when I was six or seven with a much older kid, actually the person was babysitting me; it was an unfair trade that benefitted the babysitter.

  11. First, let me say that (believe it or not) I was looking for a dish with pasta and artichoke hearts not too long ago. Wish I had seen this one.

    As for the dishes and the rest of the post? I just hate it that you sold them! They are a beautiful set. I do love your replacements, though, especially the way you have them with your husband's photo and the hand one as the centerpiece.

    As for regretting something that I've done. Well, when you mentioned the two words wall paper, quite a few regrets came to mind. LOL

  12. I have a regret, my mom didn't want her china anymore years ago and I let her sell it and now I wish I had it to remember her. I have great memories with that china but too late, live and learn. I think have all done foolish things when young.


  13. Kitty, Your chicken and orzo dish looks delicious! I love the Brentwood by Adams, my sister has that pattern and the photo of you and your dear hubby on your cruise is beautiful. There have been a number of times when I have donated something on a cleaning out spree and wished I still had it :)

  14. I just printed the chicken and orzo dish! The picture of you and Rich on the cruise is beautiful. I think we have all sold things that we might have regretted, but they are just things. We come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing! LOL

  15. Kitty, I have recently considered selling my wedding china after 34 years, but I can't quite do it. It is discontinued and I always am seeing other patterns I would love to use. I think the replacement set you found is just beautiful and is now special because of all the real use you have had from it. Many meals and many memories. Your cruise photo is so beautiful. Oh, the many stupid things I have done--I don't even want to think about them! I try to just look ahead and learn from my mistakes. This recipe sounds absolutely delicious! Linda

  16. I am always delighted to be in your cozy kitchen which is so inviting. As for doing not so smart things, we all do it. Sometimes we regret the decision, sometimes not.

  17. I have made a few mistakes in my life! (I married most of them - LOL) The whole setting and the food look delicious. I am going to save the recipe because it really looks incredible. The picture of you and your husband is beautiful.

  18. OK, I'm going to jump on the Ellen (Scribbler) train for a moment and admit that most of my mistakes were those I married...present husband excepted, of course! I am just sick over many of the items I sold or gave away to Goodwill when I closed my business. I was just SO over it at the time and wanted everything gone by hook or by crook. I got rid of many one of a kind pieces that cannot be replaced and many that would cost a small fortune to try. I'm sure that's why I'm reluctant to have another garage sale around here!!!

    The table you set is beautiful and totally from the heart. There's no better centerpiece out there to be had! (I think it's really neat that you got your tossed bouquet back! These days they just have the florist make up a tiny version of the actual bouquet in case the "toss-ee" isnt' as generous as your sister was!)

    You and Rich shared many good times with your Brentwood, so I'm sure this totally counts as wedding china as it was shared by two who loved deeply.

  19. Beautiful table and dishes...you could probably start collecting the original china again on ebay or Replacements...but don't beat yourself up about it. Enjoy using those pretty dishes!

  20. Bev, I love your blue and white pattern and have never seen it before (and I haunt china departments!). I especially love the shape of the cups -- unusual!

  21. Hi Kitty,

    I think both sets of your dishes are lovely! I can understand, though, how you might regret having sold your wedding china. And yes, I've done some things over the years that I definitely regretted; it's what makes us human. :) I tend to err on the side of keeping TOO much stuff, as my husband has been reminding me lately. It's so hard for me to get rid of things, especially things with sentimental value.

    I think your Lenox fine china was beautiful, but I also love your English ironstone. I'm a big fan of blue and white; our everyday dishes are blue and white; we've been using them for almost 19 years now, and I still love them.

    Your chicken and orzo recipe looks wonderful, Kitty. Thanks so much for sharing; I pin almost all your recipes. :-D I also enjoyed seeing the picture of you and Rich; I hope you have a good day, my friend!

    Big Hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  22. Oh yes, I've gotten rid of some things I would give almost anything to have back again. I think we all do that from time to time. The real treasures are your beautiful photos.

  23. We all make mistakes, don't we. . . Your pictures are precious, my friend. I love the one of you and your husband holding hands - my heart melted :)

    Your chicken and orzo look delish! It's time for lunch here so I had better whip something up for my little one and me - wish I had some of this :)

    Much love!

  24. Kitty, I have done so many things that I have regretted!! I have passed along things to Goodwill, when I was on a "cleaning tear" and still cannot believe that I got rid of them. Both of your china patterns are beautiful to me, but I have hardly ever met a pattern that I did not like - lol!! Loved seeing your photos and thanks for the recipe!!

  25. Of course, I've done things I regret! :) I think that's just human nature. I know I've gotten rid of a lot of things that I wish I had now but one just has to move on I guess. Both sets are beautiful. Your chicken dish sounds really good!

    P.S. I really like the photos too!

  26. I regret selling my Old Country Rose dinnerware. I will find a set I can afford someday and replace my original set. I know I will! I truly love the ironstone dinnerware. It is beautiful. I know there are sentimental memories with your wedding china and you wish you still had it but the ironstone is gorgeous!!

  27. O, of course we've all done things like that. I am one of the worst !
    I do love your ironstone...:)

  28. Oh my dear Miz Kitty,
    Unfortunately I can recall many similar mistakes along the way. What a precious remembrance of your husband, when you talk about him a person can just feel the love that the two of you had for each other, and that was truly the greatest gift! Your Chicken dish looks delicious on that beautiful Ironstone, I love the color! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great weekend and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  29. I have done a few things in my lifetime that I have regretted, you certainly aren't alone, there! Kitty, if you still smile each time you use the Brentwood, there is nothing you should feel bad about...it is a beautiful pattern.
    Have a wonderful week.

  30. Such a sweet picture of you and your husband, and what a sweet story about your sister and the bouquet. I've never really liked my wedding china, white on white with silver. I always wanted a floral pattern. but lately I've been appreciating it more, so glad I didn't get rid of it. Your chicken dish looks delicious, I love orzo.

  31. Kitty I think we are all guilty of doing something stupid even now and then. You are not alone girl! Your blue ironstone is lovely and at least you have the memory of your china. Love the photo of you and hubby and the hands are precious! Chicken sounds yummy too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. Kitty, your china is gorgeous. Such a beautiful couple. It must be so difficult for you to lose your beloved husband. Those photos are priceless. So special your sister caught the bouquet and gave it back to you. We are all guilty of doings things we later regret. Don't beat yourself up about it. Lessons learned... Your chicken and orzo sounds delicious. I really like the combinations...Quick and easy is great sometimes. xo

  33. I love the ironstone you bought; you might think about buying a place setting or at least a cup and saucer of your original china to display; at "Replacements", maybe? I also sent to Goodwill a favorite set of ironstone I loved, but had tired of. Flashforward to now when I think often of that set and wish I had never let it go. I console myself by assuring myself the set is now gracing the table of someone who appreciates it. I had thought to save a cup and saucer from the set and it is displayed with my teacup collection. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  34. Hey Kitty,
    I too got rid of a set of china that my daughter had given us when we got married (the second marriage).and regretted it years later... One day while I was at Goodwill, I spotted an entire HUGE set of the very china for $35..I was so excited that I was giggling..I brought it home and used it a few times, so glad to have it again...Now I am trying to find a place to store it because I hardly use it at all. LOL Your china is lovely just like you..
    Love, Mona

  35. Of course it counts, anything with shamrocks and you are good with me! I love the picture of you and your dear husband, I remember we share the same year of marriage. They are only dishes, Kitty, and can be replaced. You probably wouldn't use them much anyway. I rarely use my good china, but I am the opposite! I even bought more of it from that robber company that sells old china. I wanted enough for 16 which we usually had for holidays. Now I don't host Easter anymore, and I have holiday china for Cmas. I could use the room in my china cabinet I would have if I sold it.
    Thanks for taking the dish challenge!


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