Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tips for Using Coffee Filters

My favorite iced tea blend is Apricot Lavender!
We're not big coffee drinkers here, but I do keep a supply of coffee filters for:

1.  Covering my food in the microwave.  I feel   it's safer than using plastic wrap.
2.  Steeping loose-leaf tea to make a big pitcher of iced tea.
3.  On the bottom of popsicles, ice cream bars, etc., to catch drips.
4.  Using one in my strainer to make it extra fine.
5.  Protecting china dishes.
6.  As a buffer between skillets and other cookware.

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Clip the filter shut with a plastic clip.


  1. Lots of good ideas. I like them to line the bottom of a pot with holes to keep the soil in when potting up flowers.

  2. Haha Judith- was just writing that very thing and looked up and saw you just said it. Ok. "Nuff said.

    Well done, Kitty- great tips.

  3. All great ideas! I see folks making fun flowers and wreaths out of them too:@)

  4. Good idea's! Using under the popsicles.. super good idea. Thanks for sharing... Hugs, Cindy

  5. I love the idea of the DYI tea bag. Using one for the microwave sounds good too, but I would only do this when standing nearby. Since the filters are paper, you do run the risk of them catching on fire. I've had that happen when using a paper towel in the microwave, so I would think a coffe filter could so the same. Thanks for all the great tips!

  6. Great tips, Kitty! Thanks for sharing with us.


  7. What great ideas! I love these! Thanks!

  8. Kitty~ We switched over to Keurig so we're pod people :) now but I see that I need to have coffee filters on hand! Great tips!

  9. Kitty:

    Another hint for the coffee filters. I use them at work as a bowl for microwave popcorn. Makes it easier to get to the popcorn, you don't get your hands as dirty and then they are disposable!


  10. Great tips Kitty.....there's so many ways to use them.


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