Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Other Uses For Felt Pads

Felt pads prevent scratched counters.

When we were getting estimates for new counters, one of the people that came out,  mentioned that even granite can scratch and to be careful with dishes that were rough on the bottom. After getting our new counters, I began checking things in my kitchen very carefully.  I noticed that my glass canisters were very rough on the bottom. I immediately stuck some self-stick felt pads on the bottom of them.  Now they glide easily and no scratched counters!!

We also had our front door re-painted and my beloved basket that I change out seasonally, previously scratched our door before. Also, the over-the-door hanger that the basket hangs from, would move and scratch the door. I lined the hanger underneath with some cut- to- fit self-stick pads and now it doesn't move or scratch my freshly painted door!! Yea!!! I placed some self-stick pads on the back of the basket and they act as a buffer for my basket.  No more scratched door.   Another problem solved!!

Cut the felt pads to fit!  Now hanger doesn't move around.

These act as a buffer.

The moral of the story: these self-stick pads work for more than under furniture.

No more scratched door!

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  1. All great ideas! I especially like the hanger one because you just don't think about them moving around and scratching the paint:@)

  2. I never knew granite scratched! Mine doesn't or hasn't yet.
    I put them on the back of wall clocks and pictures too. They come in very handy! And yes, they do save the door! Dh would kill me if the new red door got damaged!
    Here from T T and T! :)

  3. Great ideas! Visiting from StoneGable.

  4. THANKS for this GREAT tip Kitty. I've had the same problem! Now I know what to do.

  5. Hello pretty Kitty,

    What a genious idea. I see that many of us doesn't know about this and seems we all have the same problem, BUT, problem SOLVE.

    TY for the tip, indeed.

    Unfortunately, I can't link to Susan's meme I visit my fave ladies, one by one, instead.

    Happy TS,

  6. Adding those felt pads to the canisters is an awesome idea! I have used them to protect wood, but didn't think about the countertop. We have granite ordered to be installed very soon, thanks for the tip.!


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