Monday, June 19, 2017

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and a Craft

 We had an ice cream party with our favorite chocolate covered cookie balls at Nana's Cooking Camp this past week.  It was too hot to take a picture outside of  the ice cream for fear of melting all that yumminess.  I decided to use a pretty teacup for serving! 

 Even my 13-year-old grandson, Riley came to participate!  

 My son who is the kids'  Uncle Mike , joins in and heads up the art part of the camp.  Little two year old Harper came to spend the day with us.  We like to start them out early in cooking and crafting!  Harper loves the cookie balls!

 We did this super fun project that I found on Pinterest.  You use 4x4" tiles (16 cents!!) from the home improvement store and you color on them with colored Sharpies.  After that you use rubbing alcohol and a dropper and drop  droplets onto the tile and see what happens.  It's very exciting to watch!  If you don't like your design, you can wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. 

 Here are the two that my son and I did.  After they're dry, you spray them with a clear spray to protect them.  The kids loved doing them, and so did we!!


Yield: 5-6 servings

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

My grandson, Caiden, suggested that we make cookies and cream ice cream, and so we did just that. It was a big hit!


  • 1 cup milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla


  1. In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer on low speed, combine the milk, sugar and salt until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in the heavy cream and vanilla. Cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours, or overnight.
  2. Turn on the ice cream maker (or follow the directions for your particular ice cream machine); our the mixture into the frozen freezer bowl and let mix about 15-20 minutes. At this point, the kids and I added the broken chocolate sandwich cookies, and let the machine mix it for a brief time. The ice cream will have a soft, creamy texture. If a firmer consistency is desired, transfer the ice cream to an airtight container and place in the freezer for about 2 hours.
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Snickerdoodle Donuts/Donut Hole Muffins

 School is out and we had our first Cooking Camp by making Snickerdoodle Donuts and Donut Hole Muffins.  If you don't have a donut pan or mini muffin pan, no problem!  Just use a regular muffin pan and bake the muffins a little longer.  

 Look at these cute grandkids, who are brother and sister, enjoying some baking time in Nana's kitchen.

 They are enjoying their baking accomplishments and even had some to take home to their family.

yield: 24 donut hole muffins or 4 donuts and 12 donut hole muffinsprint recipe

Snickerdoodle Donuts/Donut Hole Muffins

These were a big hit at our first Cooking Camp! I had so much of the sugar coating leftover that I cut that part in half for an improvement to the recipe, and for less waste, for when I make another time, and there will be another time...these were so tasty!!


  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 large egg, at room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
  • Coating: 1/2 cup butter, melted, 1/2 cup sugar, 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a 24 cup miniature muffin pan, or a 12 cup regular muffin pan. Be sure to spray the pans over the kitchen sink!
  2. Stir together sour cream, oil, egg, vanilla, and 1/2 cup sugar.
  3. Whisk together the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a medium bowl.
  4. Whisk sour cream mixture into the flour mixture. Spoon 1 tablespoon batter (we used a small cookie scoop) into prepared pan, keeping batter rounded on top.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven until golden and springy when lightly touched on top, about 10-12 minutes. Cool in pan for 5 minutes. Remove from pan to a wire rack; cool completely, about 15 minutes.
  6. Prepare the coating: Place melted butter in a small bowl. Whisk together the sugar, and the spices in another small bowl. Dip each muffin in butter; immediately dredge in sugar mixture, and place on a serving platter.
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Monday, June 5, 2017


 I told you before how my daughter, years ago,  won a shopping spree at Neiman-Marcus, and she would treat us to lunch in their restaurant.  That is where we discovered our love for the best popovers ever!  They serve their popovers with strawberry butter, which is so luscious.

 I had some homemade raspberry jam and decided to mix a little of that into some butter, and put it into this pretty dish. I bought these little jam/butter dishes at the Mikasa outlet before they closed their stores, and use them all the time.

yield: 6 large popoversprint recipe


I adapted this recipe to make 6 popovers, because that's the size pan that I have.  You can see how big the popovers are in comparison to my teacup! You must have the eggs and milk warm before mixing, and to let the batter sit for an hour before baking. Serve with butter that has some fruit preserves mixed in...yum!


  • 1 and 3/4 cups milk
  • 2 cups flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 large eggs, at room temperature


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees (or plan on doing this halfway when the batter is resting for an hour).
  2. Place the milk in a bowl and microwave for about 1 minute, or until warm tp the touch.
  3. Sift the flour, salt, and baking powder together in a bowl. (I'm lazy and just whisk the ingredients together with a wire whisk.)
  4. Crack the eggs into the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a wire whisk and beat on medium speed for about 3 minutes, until foamy and pale in color. Turn down the mixer to low and add the warm milk. Gradually add the flour mixture and beat n medium speed for about 2 minutes. Turn the mixer off and let the batter sit for 1 hour at room temperature.
  5. Spray a popover pan generously with nonstick spray. Fill the popovers cups almost to the top with the batter and place the popover pan on a cookie sheet. The popovers will rise about 3-4" so make sure your oven racks are spaced properly.
  6. Transfer the pan to the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Turn down the oven temperature to 375 degrees and bake for 30-35 minutes longer, until the popovers are a deep golden brown on the outside.
  7. Turn out the popovers and serve hot.
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