Monday, July 5, 2021

Cheesy Chicken

My good friends brought over a harvest from their garden and I made one of my favorite meals of Cheesy Chicken, with the cherry tomatoes and fresh green beans.



Yield: 4
Author: Kitty, but adapted from
Cheesy Chicken

Cheesy Chicken

This is my go-to for an easy, yet impressive meal!


  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, or about 10 chicken tenders
  • 1 and 1/4 cups sharp cheddar, grated (or use whatever kind of cheese you like)
  • 1 rounded teaspoon grainy mustard
  • 3 ounces cream
  • a handful of  cherry tomatoes
  • salt and pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Slice chicken breast, by butterflying them, or use the chicken tenders.
  3. Place the chicken in a sprayed baking dish, and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Mix cheese, cream, and mustard.  Dollop on top of the chicken.
  5. Scatter the cherry tomatoes on top.
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes.

Two of my granddaughters and I had a tea party this past week.  We've had such dreary, rainy weather, that we had it indoors.  They had blueberry lemonade, party sandwiches, and veggies and dip.

Cissy and Ella are cousins.  They resemble each other, don't they?  They decided to wear skirts and pretty tops.

Mochi balls were our dessert.  Cissy chose cookies and cream, Ella chose blueberry vanilla and I chose strawberry.

The girls wanted Vanilla Chai and lots of whipped cream on top!

We sat at the coffee table on little kid chairs, and it was perfect!  We are already planning our next tea party.  Of course, Nana took them shopping afterwards! 

My Daughter, Molly, and three of her four kids came over on the 3rd, which was my late hubby's birthday. She made a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, with ham, and cheese, maple sausage, yogurt parfaits with berries, and granola, and then red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  Wasn't that thoughtful?  We had the best time laughing and talking!  There's nothing like laughing with loved ones.

Thank you for your visit!  xo

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  1. Love those sweet smiling faces of your grands Kitty! Your tea party looks so fun with your pretty embroidered cloth and I love how they take their tea. ;) What a wonderful birthday breakfast in honor of your hubby. Your cheesy chicken looks so good too. ♥

  2. Oh what a wonderful time celebrating together! I just love all the fun pictures! I am definitely going to try this simple chicken recipe. It sounds luscious and is simple too. Thanks for sharing! XO

  3. What a great weekend with so much to celebrate. I am on a new device so am having no trouble commenting. Yay!

  4. Aw, what a sweet tea party you had! Yes, the two cousins definitely do resemble one another. I have a hard time keeping them straight, and before I read your post, I thought they were sisters! You can just fell the love and strong bond of your famiy while seeing the pictures and reading about your times together. May God grant all of you many more long and healthy years making more special memories!

  5. Sweet post as ever...That gorgeous teacup caught my eye!Your recipe looks yummy and your adorable family made me smile!Hugs and blessings!

  6. Your cheesy chicken recipe looks easy enough for a non-chef like yours truly. LOL.

    Glad you were able to celebrate your late hubby's birthday with your family.

    The tea party also made me smile...still need to try whipped cream with my chai!

  7. Cheesy chicken it will be for dinner tomorrow night, asparagus was on sale this past week so we will have that instead. I wish I had grands I love tea parties. I have tea parties on my own, sometimes hubby will join but its not his cup of tea( pun intended) but none of my friends enjoy tea the way it should be enjoyed. So I use my tea time as a reflective time to speak to God, I love that time.

  8. What a good-lookin' bunch! And sweet! What a lovely couple of days you had! Your recipe for Cheesy Chicken looks so good.

  9. What is better than getting together with family? (Esp on such a memoriable and important day for you all!) May he rest in peace.

    Your tea parties are always so special. The bounty from a friend's harvest - awesome!!! And your cheesy chicken recipe is one I need to try soon. As always, thank you for sharing your recipe and your special times with us.

    Hugs. ♥

  10. It sounds like you had a nice time with the grandkids Kitty. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your beautiful family. I would love to make that chicken dish sometime as it looks so easy to make and sounds delish. Have a nice week Kitty.

  11. what could be more eye-catching than whipped cream piled high in a beautiful vintage cup and saucer!!

  12. cheesy chicken, what’s not to love? Everything looks great. How sweet your neighbors their their bounty with you. You always are having those fabulous tea parties with your grands. Great memories in the making. How lovely to get together for great food, love and smiles.

  13. The cheesy chicken sounds so good Kitty, I always love cream cheese and chicken together. I'll have to give this a try! I always enjoy your teascapes, and how wonderful that you shared tea time with your grandgirls! Everything looked so yummy! I love that your family came to help remember your dear husband, what a special gift to you that was. Many blessings to you dear friend!

  14. Another fun tea party! Your cheesy chicken sounds so good and easy! It has been a rainy summer, but it's better than roasting in the heat, glad you're having fun inside!

  15. Yay, another tea party! One of my favorite things to do with the young ones. I just printed your cheesy chicken recipe. We will have tomatoes soon. Glad you were able to celebrate your late hubby's birthday with your family. That whipped cream on the chai looks wonderful!

  16. Yum, the cheesy chicken dinner looks delicious Kitty. How fun, the tea party looks like all were enjoying a tea and fellowship. I always enjoy seeing pics of your parties and family. Have a wonderful weekend.......

  17. The Cheesy Chicken recipe looks delicious! What fun to have another tea party with your grands. I do love that tea cloth that all the pretty dishes and delicious goodies are sitting on. Is it antique?

  18. My hubby would love this cheesy chicken! He enjoys broccoli and cauliflower but when I put cheese on them he gobbles it - LOL. I love all the pics of your sweet granddaughters (yes, they do look alike) and the family photo of the girls and grands on the 3rd. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful family. ♥

  19. You all look so adorable! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to get together again? This cheesy chicken looks delicious, easy, and calls for common ingredients. I like that in a recipe. I may just give this a try. Thanks, Kitty!


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