Monday, October 28, 2019

My Grandson's Graduation from Marines Boot Camp

 Graduation Day from the Marines Boot Camp took place in San Diego!  

 Family Day was the day before graduation when we first got a glimpse of Connor, during practice, after almost three months! 

 After the new Marines got in formation before the crowd, they were released to find their loved ones.  Here's Connor with his girlfriend and his Mom.  We had the rest of the day to spend with him on base,  until 5:45, when he had to return to his barracks.  He was so excited and so happy to just be with us, and he chatted away about his experiences and his time doing the Crucible.  He was so thoughtful and answered all of our questions that we had.  He also ate, and ate, and ATE!  He had ice cream first, then candy, a burger and fries, and our leftovers, and more candy, ice cream, and Nutrigrain bars.  He didn't want to go to the arcade, the bowling lanes or anything on the base, but just sit and talk to us!!

 Here's the family with our new Marine!

 This is his platoon on Graduation Day.  San Diego happened to be having a heat wave while we were there.

 We found our Marine!

 We were so excited to congratulate him!  He quickly got his bags and was out of there lickety split! 

 The first thing he wanted to do was to go to In and Out Burger and to take the food back to the condo that my daughter and son-in-law rented.  My son, Kevin, on the right, flew in the night the night before graduation.

 Connor and Rachel out on the sunny deck. The condo was a few steps away from Mission Beach.

 We did enjoy some beach time while we were there.  Riley is throwing the football to Caiden and Cissy, who didn't mind being in the cold Pacific Ocean.  Connor didn't even want to see the beach since he said that he had to hike in the sand for 8 miles in his boots, and part of it was in water. 

 Molly and I had some fun in the sand!

 The sun was just about done for the day, and we were a happy bunch!

 Cissy and Kevin doing handstands in the sand, with Caiden about to join in.

Before we headed to the airport, my daughter suggested we head to La Jolla, where Kevin, Caiden and Cissy tried out the scooters, and we had lunch.

Here I am with two of my four children, my youngest and my oldest.  Goodbye California!  We really enjoyed our time here and we have so many wonderful memories to hold on to. All the new Marines get 10 days to be home, but Connor gets an extra 7 days, to help with recruiting.  After that he returns to California for School of Infantry training, which every Marine is required to do.  Congratulations to Connor!!  He was so happy, mature, and confident.  We are all so very proud of him!

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  1. What joy in the camp! Loved seeing all these happy photos. The smiles, the love, and the pride are very evident and say it all! Congrats to Connor for a job well done and to the family who supported him all along the way.

  2. Congrats to Connor! I'm glad you could all go to CA for his graduation Kitty, it looks like everyone had a great time:@)

  3. Such happiness!Congratulations to Connor!Adorable pictures!!!

  4. What a glorious trip Kitty, I know your heart is bursting with pride! Congrats to all, and please tell Conner thank you for his service! San Diego is so pretty, and La Jolla is one of my favorite places. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Oh Kitty...I am almost in tears looking at these wonderful pictures! Oh I know your heart is so proud and so full of love and gratitude. Connor surely has been lifted up in prayer. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Congratulations, KittY, on your grandchild's graduation! Glad to be able to spend this beautiful day with the family. Thank you for showing us these pictures

  7. Congratulations to Connor and how wonderful that you got to be there for his big day, Kitty! It's been so long since we've visited San Diego and La Jolla but we loved them both. We actually got to our the Kitty Hawk (LOL) aircraft carrier that was docked there with our girls ;) It look like you had a great time and Connor sounds like such a great young man.

  8. Congrats Kitty on your grandson. I enjoyed looking at the photos and looks like you all had a great time.

  9. Congratulations to your Connor on such an outstanding achievement; you must be very proud of him, Kitty. I loved strolling through each photo, getting a sense of the pride and love you all share and the happiness that abounds in your lovely family. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous moments with us.

  10. Huge congrats to Connor! I echo the other comments that the pride and love emanate from the photos. The matching Marine shirts made me smile. Hope he enjoys his well-deserved break at home!

  11. Congratulations Connor!!!!! Kitty, I am thrilled for you and your family to have been a part of this very special graduation ceremony. The smiles in the photos say everything. Such a wonderful family celebration. It must have been wonderful to finally see and spend time with your grandson after the long six week training. I think he was so excited to see his family and girl friend and looks so happy. I know he will enjoy his time home........Blessings for Connor!

  12. Congratulations to Connor Kitty! Your photos are outstanding and so much fun to see all the family and the smiles on everyone's faces. I know you're all so proud of him. How fun to enjoy some beach time while you there for his graduation too. ♥

  13. Oh Kitty!!! What an amazing bunch of pictures of that awesome family of yours! How fabulous you got to be there to experience all of that. I was choked up through the whole viewing of your post...I remember seeing MY Marine 'right there'...with an arrow! =) I know you are all busting your buttons..and rightfully so. Thanks a million for sharing this great time with us. My heart is pounding hard to see that Marine in his dress blues. Congrats to Connor! He certainly has great and noble things ahead of him!!

  14. Congratulations to your marine and what a proud family! And so you should be! How wonderful that you were all able to get there for his graduation and spend time with Connor. Lots of smiles, and the love of family is so obvious in these photos. Thank you for sharing this exciting event with all of us and have a lovely week, Kitty. Hugs...Sandi

  15. Such joy to be together and celebrate this special event. Congratulations to your marine and to all of you.

  16. WOW! So smart looking and handsome! You have such a beautiful family. What a wonderful time that must have been. I LOVE that shot of you jumping on the beach!

  17. Congratulations dear Kitty! What a great recap of all the festivities. I know you are so proud and should be! That is quite an achievement for Conner!
    Everyone looked so happy. What a great family you have.
    Blessings to Conner as he continues his service as a Marine! Hope he enjoys his time on leave.

  18. Such a heart warming post, dear Kitty!
    Conner looks awesome and I'll bet a bit more buffed than when he left home. I can't imagine wearing those boots on the beach in the sand as well as in the water. Good for him.
    You must all be so proud and you have every right to be.

    In & Out!! Oooh that's one if my favorite hamburger joints. My dad introduced me to them in Arizona and you's just not the same with out him.

    My brother was in the navy and his boot camp was in San Diego many, many years ago and seeing the children on scooters reminds me of when we went for His graduation, we rented roller skates and went on the boardwalk. Great times.

    Thank you for sharing your time with us, I so enjoyed this posting. :-)

  19. Oh Kitty! Your grandson is so handsome in his uniform. So sweet that he wanted to just sit and talk (and eat!). Conner looks so happy as all of you do! Keeping him in my prayers. xo

  20. Congratulations to your Marine grandson. What a great family celebration!

  21. Fabulous photographs you've shared.
    Well done and congratulations to Connor.

    All the best Jan

  22. Oh what a wonderful reunion! How proud you must be of your Connor! Loved seeing all of the happy pictures!

  23. Aw! Such a heartwarming post! Congratulations to Connor!! I know you are super proud of him, sweet friend. May God bless you and all of your lovely family!

  24. This makes my heart full for you and Molly's family, Kitty (and your son who joined you)! I know the feelings my sister, her daughter (my niece) and her children had when each of her sons (yes, both of them Marines) graduated. So glad you had what looked like a great time.

  25. What a special time of celebrating this was for all of you! I can just imagine the joy in sitting and just visiting with him after 3 months of separation, and what a special young man he is! Beautiful pictures of you too, my friend! This post really made my heart smile today, much love to you!

  26. Dearest Kitty, what a delight to pop in for a little's been far too long. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful face and oh, what a wonderful accomplishment for your grandson. A BIG congratulations to him. He is quite the special young man and I am sure you are filled to the brim with joy for him. Thinking of you, my sweet friend. I love you!

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