Monday, June 10, 2019

Group Tea Party at My Home

 It was my turn to hold the monthly group luncheon at my home, and I chose a Tea Party theme.  This group of friends all met through water aerobics, and even though some have moved on to other fitness centers, we still gather for lunches to celebrate birthdays for the month.  I used my dispenser, which I bought back in the 1970's,  to hold iced tea.  My daughter loaned me a glass dispenser, which I filled with water that was infused with lemon slices and blueberries. 

 I set one table up in my dining room, using my variety of teacups.  We use paper products for ease of clean up. 

 I love using battery operated fairy lights which are hidden by my grandmother's scrunched up lace tablecloth.  I decorated canning jars with lace covered burlap ribbon, and bought chamomile, yellow mums, pink carnations, and aalstroemeria,   from Trader Joe's.  

 This was my kitchen table.

 I also set up a table in my family room, using my late Great Aunt Kitty's beautiful cut- work lace tablecloth.  My dear daughter , and three of her four kids, brought over 10 folding chairs in order that I would have enough seating,  and she helped me set up. 

 Aren't these paper plates and napkins so cute that I found at the Dollar Tree??

On my kitchen island, I used my fabric chalk cloth runner that I made several years ago, and decorated for the occasion.  

Everyone brings a dish to share, and we always have a great variety of food.  First we had our lunch, and later we had dessert with hot tea.  For lunch, we had ham and pimento cheese sandwiches, scones, crumpets with cream and strawberries, spring rolls, that our Vietnamese friend makes, with a peanut dipping sauce, and two kinds of mini quiches.  For desserts, we had mini pizzelles, mini bundt cakes, mini lemon cakes, individual fruit tarts, and a huge layered cake (probably about 14" in diameter!) that our Russian friend and her mama makes.  The mama, who comes to visit for several months at a time, before returning to Russia,  doesn't speak a word of English, but she talks away, and her daughter translates for us.    We also had an assorted variety of teas for everyone to choose from at each of the tables.  These were just some of the desserts that were brought, but the island was full once everyone came!

 One of the ladies brought a whole box of hats that one of her friends had let her borrow, and some ladies wore their own hats, or none at all. We wear name tags because we always have new friends that join.  I was blessed with four assistants that helped wash and dry the 21 teacups, plus a variety of other dishes.  It took me all week to prepare, because I have to do a little each day.  I don't quite have the oomph that I used to!  However, I have to say, the ladies really enjoyed their tea party!

Herbed Cream Cheese Topped Cucumbers and Mini Pepper Appetizers

Yield: Lots
Author: Kitty


  • English Cucumber
  • Mini Multi-Colored Peppers
  • 1-8 oz pkg. cream cheese (I used Neufchatel), softened
  • Assorted Fresh Herbs (I used Rosemary, Basil, Flat Leaf Parsley, Thyme, and Oregano


How to cook Herbed Cream Cheese Topped Cucumbers and Mini Pepper Appetizers

  1. Slice cucumber into 1/2"-3/4" pieces
  2. Clean the mini pepper, and cut off the tops, and devein, and  slice into bite-sized strips.
  3. Chop the assorted herbs of your choosing.
  4. Cream the cream cheese, and add the fresh herbs.
  5. Put the mixture into a piping bag with a star tip, or just cut the end  off of a large food safe bag, snipping off a corner.
  6. Pipe the cream cheese onto the veggies. I garnished some of the veggies with a tiny piece of oregano or thyme.
Created using The Recipes Generator

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  1. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed their tea party, and how wonderful to wear hats too! Your appetizer sounds wonderful! Have a good week. xo

  2. Kitty, You're the hostess with the many CUTE ideas for your tea party! I love the fairy lights hidden in the lace, ribbon covered jars and your wonderful chalk cloth runner for your desserts! Your menu and dessert spread sounds divine and I adore those bee-utiful plaper plates and napkins you found at Dollar Tree...hooray for easy clean up for a crowd! I know everyone must have been oohing and aahing over pretty tea cup collection and your Herbed Cream Cheese veggies make a perfect tea party treat! How fun someone thought to borrow and bring hats! ♥

  3. Oh, what a delightful tea party! How wonderful that you ladies still meet once a month for a luncheon. I love your theme and the beautiful tea table you set. The treats you enjoyed sounded absolutely delicious! Aww, I'm sure you all made sweet memories!
    Happy new week, Kitty!
    Much love...

  4. What a wonderful tea party! It is so good when women gather together and they need an amazing hostess to be able to do that! Love all the menu choices and the decorating. The tea lights shining out through your mother’s tablecloth...very cool!

  5. Oh! That looked to be a lot of fun! And the tealight idea is wonderful!! I'm going to get some for my table!

  6. Beautiful tea party Kitty! Cute idea putting lights under the table runner. The Dollar Tree is so awesome for these gatherings. Everything looks delicious and it appears the ladies enjoyed themselves!

  7. What a lovely tea party, Kitty! Your table, with the wonderful heirloom cloths is beautiful. How nice of you to include your friend's Russian mother. I love that her daughter translates for her :)

  8. Oh Kitty! I absolutely love your tea party that you shared with your friends. How much fun! LOVE that adorable chalboard fabric runner! Girl...I had no clue they made anything like that! I am always learning something new. Dollar Tree has the cutest paper items too. YEP, good idea too. Use and toss! I love how you incorporated heirlooms in too. How precious. Awe those beautiful tea cups too! You went all out Kitty. Menu sounds wonderful and I am starving right now so anything sounds good! I would love to host a little tea party for some friends. TIME...just gotta make the time! Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

  9. Kitty, how special to entertain your friends. Such a pretty tea party. Those plates and accessories are lovely. You cannot beat the dollar store. Your mom's tablecloth is gorgeous. A lovely tradition using it for your tea party. The hats are such a cute idea. I so enjoyed looking at your photos. A lovely menu to appease anyone's palette.

  10. What a nice luncheon at your home with a tea party theme. How fun to have get togethers and everyone brings a dish. Your tables look so pretty. I am amazed at all the good things the Dollar Tree has. Fun to use your tea cups you have collected. I know it was special for the group too.
    Your food looks delicious. I know just what you mean about not having the oomph you used to. I loved seeing all your pictures.

  11. Oh Kitty - what an AWESOME party! I wish I could have been there. So many special was elaborate, even with paper plates - that were SO lovely! Thanks for sharing all the fun and foods...what a special memory-making time! You did GREAT Friend! I'm sure each lady left feeling very pampered.

  12. It looks like everyone had a great time Kitty! Glad that you had some help setting up and cleaning up, that's always nice:@)

  13. What a fun day. I love that you used your nice china but disposable plates :)

  14. Dear Kitty:
    How wonderful that you had this lovely tea party! I know the lady from Russia was thrilled to be a part! You did create a fun time and something very special for all of them!

  15. Kitty, what a wonderful celebration you all seem to have had. All the tables look gorgeous decked out with all those pretties. The paper plates etc are so very sweet. How fabulous to wear a pretty hat as you dined the day away. Gosh....all the food looks positively delicious. I think it is fabulous that all you ladies keep in touch and get together from time to time to celebrate friendship.

  16. Kitty, this is just lovely! Everything looks wonderful and you would be a the perfect hostess! I am glad you had some help because I know these socials can be a lot of work. I have made those cucumber slices but not the peppers. They would be good too and add some nice colour. Lots like you all had a grand time. Have a lovely week, dear friend. Hugs...Sandi

  17. Looks a wonderful get-together.
    Pleased that you had some help with setting up and cleaning up, that is always nice and really does help.

    All the best Jan

  18. What a delightful tea time! The food made me hungry and I'm a fan of the pretty decor, especially the lace cloth with fairy lights. I'm sure your guests had a fabulous time!

  19. Kitty, I love this so much! You are adorable in your dress with hat (want!!). The food and company are just wonderful. I can surely appreciate all the work you put into the day leading up to it, but I hope you kicked back and relish the memory of a fun-filled time. I'm sure your guests did!

  20. What a fun gathering with friends. The tables are so pretty and the food sounds wonderful. I'm sure there was a lot of laughter and great conversation that day. Now you can relax.

  21. Oh what a fun gathering of friends! Your tables were so lovely...I especially liked those fairly lights under the table cloth...all the way down to those pretty floral plates and napkins. And of course we can't forget the goodies...everything looked delicious! Some wonderful memories were created, no doubt! Enjoy your week, dear friend! HUGS!

  22. I really liked the look of their Herbed Cream Cheese Topped Cucumbers and Mini Pepper Appetizers
    Every week my children and grandchildren get together for dinner on Thursday. I'll try your recipe tomorrow.

  23. Oh Kitty, what fun! First of all I must say, your $ tree paper plates are adorable and your tables look fabulous with them! Love the lights in the scrunched up tablecloth! How nice that your friends bring and help! I know what you mean, I could use a little more omph in my days too! That is so funny about the Russian mom, so great that she talks away and joins in and has fun!! The food looks wonderful!

  24. Great time with friends,so especial and treasured!Beautiful tables,I love the centerpiece with flowers and lights,very creative!Hugs,dear Kitty!

  25. Kitty, wow! What a beautiful party! And I love your cucumber and mini pepper appetizers, especially because they didn't include a garlicky store-bought cream cheese (I think the tea table should be a garlic-free zone!) You're very brave to host such a large group.

  26. Hi Kitty, that looks like it was such a fun party. I love that you all still get together with each other. The food sounds so good. I will have to try out your appetizer sometime!

  27. Lovely! The recipe is perfect for those of us who love tea parties, but can't eat gluten. Thank you for sharing.

  28. You did a lovely job and I'm sure your guests felt treasured and welcomed. I really like the idea of the fairy lights beneath the fabric as part of a tablescape. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Kitty,
    Sure hope you did not get any damage from the storm last night, seems like we are always talking about the weekly storm here in our area. We lost 2 trees, just took them out by the roots, no other damage thank goodness. Your Tea Party looks like a fun place to be, your tea table is lovely with all that wonderful food. I would love the hats, so much fun! Hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  30. What a lovely lovely tea party, Kitty! Everything looks and sounds delish - and you gals look very pretty. Especially you. ♥

    I cannot believe how gorgeous the paper products you got at the Dollar Store are - cute cute cute for this time of year teas! SCORE!

  31. What a fun party! Yes! those paper products are gorgeous! They certainly have improved in both quality and design since I was a kid. What really intrigues me here is the chalkboard runner that you made. There is chalkboard fabric? I need to know more.


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