Monday, April 30, 2018

Brownie Monster Cookies's a beautiful day here in Texas, and Cissy and I made Brownie Monster Cookies.  Would you care to join us?

When I was at a local antique mall with some friends, I saw a version of this arrangement that I copied,  only it was done in a sherbet/champagne  glass.  I thought this old, silver piece that once belonged to my late Great Aunt Kitty would be perfect for it. 

My late dad used to buy Royal Doulton figurines for my mom, and she gifted this one to me several years ago.

I was the lucky recipient, several times ago, of both of these pretty teacups from Stephanie's teacup exchange, from The Enchanting Rose.  I love using teacups seasonally, and I thought that both of these vintage ones were pretty for Spring. The one in the front is a Royal Stuart, and the back one is a Rosina. 

I love birdhouses, and have had this old, chippy one for years now.  I stuck it in a Kimberley Fern, which take more sun than Boston ferns.

This adorable birdhouse was a recent purchase from Ross. 

 When I picked Cissy up from school this week, it had been raining.  She was ready for her favorite cup of Vanilla Chai tea, which she likes to top with whipped cream.  She picked out this pretty rose teacup that some dear friends gave me several years ago.  


Here's the little baker with her batch of cookies. 

Look at my youngest grands!  Aren't they sweet in their matching outfits?  Before long they'll be joining me in the kitchen.

Yield: Recipe states 16; we got 2 dozen

Brownie Monster Cookies

This was an easy recipe for an after school treat for Cissy to take home to her family!


1 box (1 lb 2.3 oz) fudge brownie mix
1/2 cup quick-cooking oats
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 tablespoon water 
1 egg
3/4 cup M&M's
1/2  cup peanut butter chips
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips


  • Heat oven to 350 degrees.   Line cookie sheets with cooking parchment paper.
  • In large bowl, stir together brownie mix and oats. Add melted butter, water and egg; stir until well blended. Stir in candies and chips.
  • Shape dough into 2-inch balls. Place on cookie sheet 3 inches apart. Press each ball slightly to flatten.
  • Bake 12 to 14 minutes or until tops of cookies are no longer wet looking. Cool 5 minutes; remove from cookie sheets to cooking racks.
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  1. Your table looks so pretty, Kitty, with the lovely arrangement, the sweet Royal Doulton figurine and the pretty teacups. Everything looks so spring-like. Your youngest grands are adorable. I see you and Cissy and have been whipping up another delicious treat. Those Brownie Momster cookies look mighty good! Enjoy your week, lovely Kitty.

  2. What great pictures Kitty-big smiles! Your cookies sound yummy and if you can spare it, would you please send a little of that nice weather out east:@)

  3. Adorable those sweet smiling faces! Your seasonal collection of pretty teacups makes for sweet sipping and your brownie cookies sound like an easy treat to satisfy my inner chocoholic. Love your pretty silver compote and beautiful spring arrangement! Hope you're enjoying some beautiful weather this week. ♥

  4. How cute Grands!!!The centerpiece is pretty and inspiring.Those teacups are gorgeous,I love them so much!Your sweet lady figurine is really a treasure,dainty and romantic!Your cookies look yummy...What a delightful post with a charming garden!Hugs,dear Kitty and Cissy.

  5. Cissy has done another marvelous job of baking. Is she giving them a good score? Two thumbs up? Eight out of ten? 🙂

    Oh the baby has a delightful expression and her big sister is a cutie pie, too. You can start a cooking academy with all the grands in your kitchen!

  6. Oh my goodness! So much cuteness!!! I love the arrangement you did...what a great idea! A d LOVE your darling grands! How sweet! The monster cookies look totally delicious. Those grands are really blessed! Rhanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Your cookies look great, even to me and I'm not a big cookie person! I think Cissy is getting prettier every day and the other two are adorable! Your quiver is full, my friend! I like birdhouses too and had them all above my kitchen cabinets for years before exchanging them out for my teapots. Love your arrangement in the silver basket and the teacups are very pretty. What a happy post filled with lots of sweetness! Hugs...Sandi

  8. Oh my, I love how springy it looks there with your ferns, birdhouses, figurines and teacups. Those cookies look amazing and I'll bet my grands would love them too. Your grands have wonderful smiles :)

  9. Looks like a fun and yummy day at your house! I'm going to try this recipe using a sugar-free brownie mix with sugar-free chocolate chips and use some nuts instead of the M&M's and peanut butter chips. Gotta watch that sugar (unfortunately)!

  10. Your grandkids are too cute!

    Your past teacup partners sent you such pretty teacups. I also like to rotate my teacups as the seasons change.

    Has Cissy ever tried sweetening her tea with cotton candy? I saw that on a few posts...

  11. Your pictures are so sweet! =)
    Love the Birdhouses! And your Grandchildren are so pretty!

  12. Oh yes, thank you. I would love to join you and adorable Cissy for one of her monster cookies. She does look so cute with her cup of tea. Love your pretty arrangement and the lovely RD figure. Pretty teacups and I think they are pretty for spring too. I know you have so much to look forward to with two more baby grands to grow and bake with you. Have a wonderful week Kitty.....

  13. I LOVE using brownie mixes to make other things. I've never seen this recipe before. Lucky Cissy! Drinking that scrumptious chai tea in that gorgeous cup. WOW! Great fun to see those other growing granddaughters too! Pinned!

  14. Oh, my goodness! That baby is a doll! Yes, it won't be long until you are teaching her how to make cookies and all of the other goodies in your kitchen. You are such a dear blessing to all of your family...a true Titus 2 woman, in every way. May God's richest blessings be yours. I am praying for you.

  15. Yummy cookies! ALl your teacups are so fun to see, Kitty, but that front one with Lily of the Valley is perfect for this first day of celebrating May! I gifted a sweetmeat basket similar to yours to one of my recipients in my purge project, but I still have one of my own. It's so much better when the story behind a vintage or antique item is personal!
    Have a lovely week, Kitty.

  16. Cookies and tea, what could be better. Beautiful teacups, arrangement, and cookies.

  17. Your grands are adorable! The lily of the valley tea cup is such a pretty thing and perfect for this first of May. The cookies sound delicious!

  18. Those little ones will be joining you and Cissy in the kitchen before you know it! They are precious!

  19. Your grand-littles are too cute! That is one big cookie! Thanks for the recipe. I love your teacups. I didn't participate in Stephanie's exchange this time. Taking a break. I think I'm going to try vanilla chai tea with cream!

  20. Your flower arrangement is so pretty, Kitty. Love all the pretty, spring teacups and your birdhouses, too. Cissy has the right idea to put whipped cream on her chai tea. I think I would put whipped cream on everything if it didn't go right to my hips! How precious are those little ones? Those are some kissable cheeks! The cookies look delicious. Happy May! Hugs xo Karen

  21. What a lovely post Kitty. You made a cute arrangement and how wonderful to get additional use out of it now. I do love Rosina's and those old ones were often hand painted. I know the pink one looks like it for sure! Lovely photos and always sweet Cissy! Thanks for sharing. I am on my way to baking to for a funeral today.

  22. Hi Kitty, So loved this post!! I've been trying to leave a comment everyday but for some reason blogspot would not let my comment through. I hope it works today. Cissy is so cute and her cookies look delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Your youngest grands are adorable. My how they have grown. So cute. Love the beautiful tea cup and the figurine from your mother is beautiful and what a treasure. Wishing you and yours a beautiful May. Hugs!! Love, Celestina Marie

  23. LOVE that centerpiece! What a great idea and I LOVE that figurine!! (and the teacups of course haha!) All of your grands are adorable -- those two little ones have a lot of baking fun to look forward to!!

  24. I love your seasonal use of teacups! I swear that you have one for every holiday and season! And matching linens and accessories!!! These cookies look fun and yummy! Cissy is sweet as always!!! and your youngest grands are adorable too! You are so blessed! xx Happy spring!

  25. Awe...those grands of your are adorable. Yes it will not be long at all before you will have extra help in the kitchen. YUM on the cookies. Looks so good. Love your pretty tea cups and I too love bird houses Kitty and wind chimes. The centerpiece really turned out so adorable. I love it when something catches my eye and I go straight home and make me one. Hope you have a good rest of the week dear Kitty.
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. Kitty, your grands are adorable, and I've always been a sucker for matching outfits! All your cups are beautiful, but I especially like the one Cissy chose for her chai.

  27. Hi Kitty, oh how fun to make the cookies with Cissy. I bet they were so delicious. I will have to make some sometime.
    Thanks for sharing at our link party.
    Have a nice weekend.

  28. Your grands are so precious Kitty! I love that Cissy drinks tea with whipped cream on it, and the cup she picked out is my favorite too. I'll confess, I don't use a tea cup to drink tea :-) Your birdhouses are adorbs, and we just put up the wren house last evening as they have returned and moved in every Mother's Day for the last 10 years.

  29. Kitty, Lovely grand kids. The cookies look great! Vanilla Chai with whipped cream sounds excellent. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  30. Oh sweet Kitty, how lucky you are to spend such wonderful memories with your each adorable grandchildren !
    I love that RD figurine and the teacups. Cookies look yummy too.
    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  31. I'm sitting on my back porch in San Antonio, having a cup of tea. The sun is keeping the teapot quite warm. It would be perfect if only I had a Monster brownie cookie!

  32. The cookies look amazing. I love that Royal Doulton figurine. It's gorgeous. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

  33. oh my Harper got so big and the baby is so adorable!!

  34. OK I have decided cookies for breakfast is what I need. Wish you delivered (wink)
    Thanks for joining the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. I hope you made some new friends and had fun!


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