Sunday, November 11, 2012

1 Minute Eggs

Since I eat an egg every morning, sometimes I like a really quick version, without having to get out a skillet.  This one is made in a ramekin or a custard up and popped in the microwave,  which makes clean up a breeze!!  My hubby and I actually have breakfast in bed every morning.  Since Mr. Kozy was gone for the weekend, one of my granddaughters spent the night.  She enjoyed breakfast in bed, too.

Friendly village plate and mug
1 slice Canadian bacon
1 egg
shredded cheese
salt and pepper
any additional garnish, such as chives or other herbs

Place Canadian bacon in the bottom of the buttered ramekin. 
Crack the egg into a small bowl.  Add about a Tablespoon of water and whisk or mix with a fork.
Add the egg on top of the Canadian bacon.
Put into the microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir and return to the microwave for 15-30 seconds.
Top with shredded cheese and salt and pepper and any other garnish.

Happy girl having tea with Nana and breakfast in bed!

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  1. What a quick breakfast, but special too!

  2. I love my egg (or egg whites) in the a.m., too. Great way to start the day. xo

  3. Sounds nice and easy! I'll bet that little cutie thought this was a special way to start the day-enjoy:@)

  4. this sounds really nice. might have to give it a try next weekend

  5. Certainly would make breakfast - a good protein one - super fast and easy! But absolutley nothing beats that angel's face, oh look how cute she is, it's priceless, Kitty!

  6. You are such a smarty!! And what a great hostess...making fun memories like that with the 'grands' is tops!! I must make this soon.

  7. Your little beddy buddy is adorable!!! Thanks for the very quick breakfast. Sometimes I make eggs in the microwave, but never thought to put canadian bacon in the bottom of the dish. YUMMY!

  8. I just added Canadian bacon to the grocery list :-) I have an egg every morning. I love that you have breakfast in bed!

  9. Oh my gosh Kitty you know my 'secret' recipe for eggs. I usually use regular cooked bacon that I keep on hand though. Oh how great minds think alike. I LOVE that about you!!! You my dear are on my 'new best friends' list. (smile) By the way I've tried to leave comments at Shannons blog early last week and it wouldn't let me. Said I wasn't 'allowed' which through me for a loop.So I sent an email and she didn't reply. Kitty I'm really getting concerned. Have you heard from her at all? N.

  10. How adorable is she? We just had our first sleepover with two of my grands (the others do it all the time!) It was just "magical". The next day one of them said, "grandma do you remember when we had the sleepover?" How cute was that?

    I often do microwave eggs in a ramekin, but I have never added all of the yummies! What was I thinking? Sounds delish. Come join in my fabulous $200 giveaway for Christmas. I know you wouldn't want to miss it.

  11. I love eggs! Your grand daughter is adorable and I bet she loved breakfast in bed with you! Happy Tea Day!

  12. Dear Kitty, I loved seeing your beautiful granddaughter. You created a precious memory for her. The eggs sound good and easy and I love your Friendly Village. Would you believe I have never eaten breakfast in bed? You make it an occasion by doing so. Kudos, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I love eggs.. but I made your soup! It came out amazing.. I had some left over broiled broccoli that went in it and I added some nutmeg !! One happy husband, one happy soup maker !! Happy Days.. Jules ~

  14. Hello Kitty
    Breakfast in bed each morning, wow. I'm wondering what the bacon is you're calling Canadian; I don't think we have anything here called that. :-)
    I like sleepovers with any of our granddaughters too.

  15. Hi Kitty! Nothing like a pretty little happy girl in your bed having tea. You're blessed.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. What a cutie you have for a Granddaughter and what fun to have a sleep over! I'm going to try the egg dish. Sounds good, quick, and easy! I haven't had breakfast in bed for years! Lucky you!

  17. What a precious little grandangel you have been blessed with, Kitty! I love her sweet smile and it's plain to see that she loves her Nana.
    Thanks for sharing your one minute egg...I will surely try it out, too.

  18. That sounds like a simple but delicious breakfast. How fun having breakfast in bed with your granddaughter!
    Sandy ;)

  19. Breakfast in bed sounds delightful, Kitty! I may have had breakfast in bed once. Most of mine were in the hospital when I had my babies. Ha! Ha! Hubby's not much of a cook, I'm afraid. The guy has so many other gifts that I won't complain though. I haven't made an egg in the microwave since my youngest left home for college. I must try it again. That is a cutie you have there! Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  20. SO blessed to share your morning with a precious grandbaby! Egg, scone and fruit look fabulous~ Breakfast in bed is a treat I've rarely had as I prefer to eat after I've been awake for awhile. Easy veggies would go nicely in the cup too. Have a nice Wednesday, Kitty. :)

  21. I love your Breakfast recipe of a minute egg! How fun to have a special grandbaby in your bed and certainly a cutie pie. We have breakfast in bed at times, too. Eggs, bacon and bread are one of my favorite meals to prepare anytime for some comfort food. Always enjoy using Friendly Village for fall and winter!

    Thanks, Pam

  22. What an adorable granddaughter! She looks like she was just lovin' it!
    Thanks for sharing, Ruthie from:

  23. She looks so sweet and cozy there - what a great breakfast and thanks for linking to "Friends Sharing Tea".

  24. What a sweetie having breakfast in bed. I remember making eggs in the microwave when I first got one..years ago but I haven't made them in years. I always liked how light and fluffy they were!

  25. New fan here! I am always looking for new egg recipes. This looks really good! I found you through The Country Crook and would LOVE for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest:

    Fresh Eggs Daily


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