Monday, March 5, 2018

White Chocolate Spritz Shamrocks

My granddaughter, Cissy, and I got a head start on some St. Patrick's Day baking.  Let's have some Shamrock Spritz cookies with a cup of Irish Tea, shall we?  We can look at my book on Ireland and admire the pretty flowers that I received for my birthday, which was at the last weekend in February.  The mini daffodil was planted in a sweet little teacup, from my friend, Bea, and the bouquet came from my friends, Joy and Rodger. 

I always love using this teapot that I found for $1.50, which says County Cork, Ireland on the bottom, where my paternal great grandmother was from. 

It's always nice to bring out this Belleek teacup during the month of March.  

 These sweet granddaughters, Avery and Ella came over to visit in the morning, along with my son, Tim, to celebrate my birthday. 

 The rest of my family came over in the evening to celebrate.  Riley is on the left, then Connor, me holding Hayden, Cissy, Caiden, and Harper being held by my son, Kevin.  My daughter, Molly,  made the fabulous Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle.  It was a big hit!!  My son, Mike, who lives here with me said the next day, "Mom, that party so much fun.  It was like a holiday!"  It really was, and I am counting the blessings in my life. 

My daughter blew up all these balloons and had my family members write notes ahead of time, and then she placed them inside before tying the balloons closed.  The kids took turns popping them and then I read the touching comments.  We laughed, cried, and had the absolute best time.  I saved all the notes, and Cissy later told me that if I'm ever sad, that I should just pick out one and read it. 

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White Chocolate Spritz

Cissy and I liked using this dough for the Shamrock Spritz cookies. I would advise making sure that you use a room temperature egg, or put an egg in a bowl of warm water for about 5 minutes, to bring it to room temperature.  If the egg is cold, the melted white chocolate will harden and make it hard to get the designs out of the disc (not that I would know about this!).


2 ounces white chocolate baking bar (or 2 ounces of white chocolate chips)
3/4 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg, at room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla
2  and 1/2 cups flour


  1. Melt white chocolate in microwave, stir and set aside.
  2. Beat butter, sugar and salt until creamy.
  3. Add egg and vanilla, mix.
  4. Add melted chocolate, mix.
  5. Gradually add in flour, mix until just incorporated.
  6. Place dough in cookie press.
  7. Press onto  cold, ungreased,  and NOT non-stick baking sheets.  Sprinkle with colored sprinkles.
  8. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (I usually start checking around 8-9 minutes).
  9. Cool on wire rack.
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  1. Dearest Kitty! I missed your birthday - oh I do see it was a truly joyous occassion! Look at all that loving family surrounding you! ♥♥♥

    Your sprintz cookies are gorgeous, and as always you make wonderful inspiring posts! Where do you find the time and energy to do all that you do? It is pretty impressive, lady. Hugs and love. xxoo

  2. Happy Birthday to you, lovely Kitty. Your celebration with all your loved ones around you sounds wonderful. I love the idea of notes inside the balloons. The children would have loved popping them. Oh my, that trifle looks utterly delicious. Love the pretty Belleek teacup, 'tis perfect for St Patrick's Day.

  3. Cissy is such a smart cookie! That’s just what you should do! Those balloons 🎈🎈🎈are a great idea. Happy Belated Birthday, Kitty! You have a beautiful family. πŸ’›

  4. What a wonderful birthday celebration Kitty! Love the balloons how sweet to find notes tucked inside! I know your heart was bursting! The salted caramel brownie trifle sounds much better than cake!! Your St. Pat's vignette with special china and cookies is beautiful! Have a great week!

  5. Kitty, I'm so glad you had a special birthday. There's nothing better than being surrounded by family. :)

  6. Hi Kitty, happy belated birthday to you!!! Oh nice to celebrate it with your family. The cookies are so cute and you must have had a fun time baking them with Cissy. Thanks for sharing the recipe at our C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Kitty! My mom's birthday is February 27th and I have a friend whose is the 23rd and SIL, the 24th! I love the sweet idea of the notes inside the balloons and seeing all your adorable grands! Lynn's spritz cookies make a delicious St. Paddy's Day treat and I'm dreaming of your birthday salted caramel brownie trifle!

  8. What a fabulous idea to put notes inside the balloons! And Cissy is right! You should just pick one out and read it if you're sad. A wise little girl!! The spritz cookies are so pretty and I bet they're good too. Love your shamrock china. I don't have any but I do have an Irish cup my son found for me a couple of years ago. Such a pretty tea time today. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. You certainly deserve it. Love and hugs...Sandi

  9. Happy Birthday, Kitty! What a wonderful day spent with family. Wow- that tea pot for $1.50. It was destiny that you found one made where your great grandmother is from. The cookies look delicious. xo

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!What a especial celebration!How darling your post is...Always inspiring!Love your pretty shamrock china.Hugs!

  11. I'm so glad that you had a fun birthday celebration. I'm intrigued by the yummy salted caramel brownie trifle and I may have to borrow the note-in-a-balloon idea for my godson (just gotta wait until he's old enough to read. HA!).

    Your shamrock cookies, teapot (what a steal!) and Shelley teacup are all delightful.

  12. Kitty, you has such a sweet birthday. Love seeing the pics of your lovely family. The notes in the balloons is such a cute idea. I know you cherish the notes and Cissy is right, read them anytime for an uplifting memory. Love your teapot and the Belleek, so pretty. Yummy goodies too. A belated Happy Birthday Kitty......Hugs.

  13. Oh, sweet friend, this is all so wonderful!!! I am so thankful you had such a lovely time. You certainly deserve it! I just noticed that Avery looks SO much like you!! You have a lovely family, and God surely has blessed you. So very happy for you and praying for you every, single day.

  14. Dear Kitty, what a beautiful birthday celebration with your family. How they love you, and you love them. The Belleek teacup is so pretty. Belated Birthday greetings to you.

  15. It looks like everyone had a great time Kitty! Your shamrock cookies turned out perfectly shaped, love the mix of green and then white with green sugar-very pretty:@)

  16. That little Cissy....she truly was sent straight from heaven, wasn't she? She knows just what to say and do, and at all the right times. And look how adorable her outfit was at your party! Not to take away from any of the other wonderful grands you have - 7 in all?! What a joyful birthday, Kitty, and your always timely, always fetching themes for tea and sweets are so inviting. Thanks for letting us share with you.

  17. Happy Birthday, Kitty! Looks like a great celebration.
    Charming vignette with shamrock cookies. I have that disc with my spritz gun. Never thought about making shamrock cookies. I only use it at Christmas!
    Your birthday triffle was fantastic!

  18. What a WONDERFUL family to make your day so special! I LOVE that idea with the balloons-- how fun that must have been. I think the cookie recipe sounds amazing. I love spritz cookies and have only done the regular and mint dough. The white chocolate is one I must try!

  19. Well, what a memorable birthday party that must have been! I love the part about the sweet notes in the balloons. Going to Ireland is on my bucket list and I love the sweet teapot and cup...oh and of course those shamrock cookies are so very festive! Have a wonderful week, Kitty!

  20. Happy Birthday to your son! The cookies look so good. What a good deal you found on the teapot. So nice to visit with you. Have a lovely week!

  21. Oh Kitty, your shamrock cookies look delicious & I love seeing your Bellek...I have yet to bring mine out. I would kill for that teapot from County Cork, Ireland, as that is where my Maternal great grandmother hailed from. I strongly suspect we are related somehow!!! LOL

  22. Happy birthday! What a special party! And I love your Irish things! The teapot is wonderful, and I love Belleek! I am making spritz this week for sure! Wonderful post. So glad your family is so close for lots of time together! Have a lovely week and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  23. Awwwww...what a sweet celebration! Hearts and bellies full!!! I’ve never heard of chocolate spritz cookies. Have I been living in a cave? I’ve always had or made the plain kind, which I love. Chocolate ones open up a whole new world!!!

  24. Happy Birthday ..Can you hear me singing ... and what a lovely celebration... What a grand picture of you and your grandchildren( They adore you ) We, so enjoy St Patrick’s Day ... as it’s my husband’s birthday ... so I was excited to see your decor and chocolate spritz cookies... ( YUMMY YUMMY.)...Of course ...There’s nothing more beautiful than Belleck teaset to drink tea from ... complete with fabulous original teapot..What a find!!!! This is such a joyous post .... your happiness has definately spilled over to my house where we will enjoy your recipe . I will think of you when February 17th arrives, my Friend... xoxoxo

  25. What a wonderful birthday celebration Kitty! What a great idea for the balloons to have notes tucked inside! The salted caramel brownie trifle sounds so decadent! Have a great week and always count the blessings :-)

  26. Hey Kitty ... I just wanted to comment on that sweet little Cissy...You can tell her that I’m using her "note” idea as a Easter present for my grandchildren...Please give her a HUG and THANK her for spreading the LOVE ... BIG HUGS

  27. Happy birthday again dear Kitty. Those babies are so sweet. I know that you enjoyed each and every minute of your precious family. What a sweet tea pot. Love the shamrocks. Hugs and blessings dear lady.

  28. What a fabulous birthday party! Wishing you a happy birthday, birth week, and birth month! What a fun idea with the balloons! So sweet for you, and so fun for the kids. The cookies are so cute and I remember thinking Spritz cookies were just magical when I was little.

  29. I was born in Cork. Although, my parents brought me to the U.S. when I was 3 weeks old. Your birthday looks like it was a lot of fun. As usual, your recipe is very tempting!

  30. Sounds like the perfect celebration, Kitty! And thanks for reminding me about spritz cookies - it's probably been decades since I last made them. Must remedy that soon.

  31. What a sweet daughter to make such a special balloon bouquet for your birthday - you are truly blessed by such a wonderful family - Happy Birthday to you! ♥

  32. What a sweet celebration. Happy birthday dear Kitty. Your daughter was so creative with the balloons and notes. Great little recipe as well. Your Cissy is one smart cookie. xo

  33. Dear Kitty:
    What a devoted family and I know they love you dearly as you are such a wonderful Grandmama! I do love that Irish teapot and how special to find it as a bargain. That always works well! Thanks for sharing your delicious candy!

  34. happy belated birthday dear Kitty! I'm so happy you had such a nice celebration with your loved ones. What a great idea of putting notes in the balloons, and isn't Cissy wise to know how to cheer up when things are sad. xo Deborah

  35. Hi Kitty,
    What a great family celebration! Your White Chocolate Spritz Shamrocks look delicious! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  36. The beer selection at this place was great and rotates often. Everyone who works at San Francisco venues makes you feel welcome. They remember your favorite drink and you will be glad to tweet about them.

  37. Cute, cute. I love the green. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  38. Sweetest Kitty, this post brought tears to my eyes. I know you had shared your precious birthday celebration with me in an email, but seeing these sweet pictures was truly a delight. You are such a dear, dear lady.

    Thinking of you and sending love your way!

  39. There is so much to love about this post, Kitty! First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to you!! It looks like you had a wonderful day. :) You're so blessed to have such a large, loving family. Your grands are so precious, and your daughter's balloon idea was so special!

    I love the crocheted table topper on your coffee table and all your shamrock dishes. The Belleek teacup with saucer is a real treasure. Your shamrock spritz cookies are so pretty, and I'm sure they're tasty as well. :)

    I hope you had a lovely birthday this year, Kitty, and many more to come. Happy Friday!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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