Friday, October 18, 2013

Thank You Vee and Stephanie!

Stephanie, from The Enchanting Rose, hosted her second teacup/mug exchange.  I loved the first one so much and sweet Stephanie arranged for her Mom to have me the first time, and we became fast friends.  This time around, Vee from A Haven for Vee, was my gift giver, and we too, became fast friends.  I told Stephanie that it is such a wonderful idea of hers to unite new friends all through a teacup.  What a lovely ministry that Stephanie started!  You can see that I received not one, but TWO mugs, from Vee!  The one on the left is what I received first, and Vee said in her note that it was to "bide the time - a Wal Mart 'special'" and to be looking for my "real" mug to arrive, coming from Great Britain!!  Wow, I feel like a Queen!!

 Here's an inside peek at the one that just arrived from Great Britain.  Don't you love details draped over the top?

 Here's the bottom of the favorite color...RED!

Don't the mugs look pretty on my bed?  Yes, I drink tea every morning from this tray in my bed...very indulgent, I know!

I LOVE both of my mugs, Vee, and I thank you for our new friendship. Thank you, dear Stephanie,  for hosting this fun gift exchange. 

These lovely gifts were sent from Stephanie after my dear hubby passed away.  She sent the sweetest note to cheer me and to get me in the Fall mood.  Stephanie is so talented and made all the pretty gifts and sent along a box of tea to enjoy.  I think of Stephanie each time I look at one of her gifts that are placed around my house.  She lovingly wrote scriptures on each of the leaves.  My favorite one is, "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted": Matthew 5:4.

Thank you!  xo
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  1. Your new cups are very pretty Kitty! We do make some special friendships in Blogland, enjoy:@)

  2. Hi Kitty,
    I'm stopping by from Vee's blog.. The first thing I noticed was your pretty blog header and background. Next I saw the two mugs sent by Vee and thought the colors looked so much like the colors I see on your blog.
    The mugs are both so pretty. I think you will be reminded of Vee's kindness with each sip of tea and also Stephanie's for hosting this lovely exchange.

  3. I guarantee that Vee was so delighted to have gotten your name. She's a favorite and kindred soul of mine.
    I love the idea of a tea cup swap. In fact, I'm pondering a copy cat of the idea for the women in my Bible study group. Hmmmm.... churning.

  4. Stephanie is a dear heart. How thoughtful she is to send a gift to express her concern for you at such a challenging time. I know that it meant a lot.

    Oh you are so welcome, Kitty. Wasn't that a nice surprise to have the English mug show up in time for the party? I am struck by how similar in design the two mugs are. I certainly didn't plan it that way.

    Debbie's onto something up there, don't you think?!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Preeeety! You will have fun using these darling mugs!!

  6. I agree with Bernideen, preeeety! :) The mugs you received are so beautiful and they look perfect for a hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot apple cider. The one from England is stunning! I can see why Vee chose it for you - the inside detail is gorgeous.

    Thank you, precious friend, for your kind words and sweet heart. You make me smile and I am SOOO thankful to count you among my friends - you are a blessing. I am very glad you joined the exchange again and I am very happy to hear you have made such wonderful friends along the way.

    Have a blessed weekend, Kitty. Love you!

  7. It doesn't surprise me that Vee gave you mugs with red on, she's in tune with all of her blogging friends. They're both lovely and the one from GB is special. Enjoy tea in bed with your new mugs.

  8. Hi Kitty, what pretty mugs you received! This was my first teacup exchange and it was so much fun! How thoughtful of Stephanie to arrange this. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Your mugs are certainly a sweet surprise and a most thoughtful gift. Enjoy your teatime. '-)

  10. Very pretty mugs and yes, I love the elements draping into the mug! Stephanie is such a kindhearted lady and a blessing to many. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Kitty.

  11. Hi Kitty,

    What a wonderful surprise! Vee has chosen two pretty mugs for you; I especially love the one from England because I love anything English. :) Vee is a real sweetheart and I love reading her blog. You should start participating in her monthly Note Card Party!

    Stephanie's gifts to you were so thoughtful, as well. Thank goodness for thoughtful friends to help us through the difficult times in life. It looks like you have a lot of awfully nice friends. :)

    I hope you have a nice weekend, Kitty.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Hello dear Kitty
    Yes Vee is very kind and chooses beautiful presents too - both mugs are lovely - especially the English one.
    How thoughtful of Stephanie to write and send you gifts in the mail - I can imagine how that lifted your spirits at such a sad time in your life.
    It's those little things of friends giving of their time that restore our faith in humanity.
    Take care
    much love and hugs

  13. We have such wonderful friends here on our blogs. Vee and Stephanie are both special friends of mine, too and they are the best girlfriends you can have. You'll be able to drink tea and hot cocoa in style this Fall. Each gift brings joy and shows how much others care for you. Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Hello dear Kitty,
    Your red mugs are just beautiful, both in their own unique way. I love your way of having tea in bed with your little lap tray. Stephanie has created a special ministry in deed with these exchanges.Through them I have been blessed with your friendship.
    Your gift package from Stephanie was so very sweet. Such a wonderful way of lifting your spirits in a time of sorrow. Who would ever think that you could make such wonderful and special friends through blogging.
    May your heart be blessed my dear friend.

  15. How wonderful! My favorite color is red too and the cup is beautiful. I know you're going to enjoy this for a long time to come. I'm proud of you for indulging yourself in the mornings! I LOVE to get back in bed with my coffee. :) I'd love to join in one of these swaps.


  16. Hi Kitty, This is my first time taking part in an exchange and I enjoyed it so much! I never knew that mugs could be so pretty -- and yours are bright and cheerful too. I think Stephanie is so sweet, and a wonderful new friend. And Vee is just great too. I have enjoyed her blog for awhile now! I hope you enjoy many delicious drinks in your new cups. Linda

  17. Hello Kitty, I just love your blog and need to visit more often. Lovely gifts from Vee and I do agree with you about our sweet Stephanie. She is a blessing, a sweetie and a dear friend.
    Hugs for you Kitty from Oregon.

  18. What a fun exchange! Love all the mugs! xo

  19. Such lovely gifts.

    You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Lovely gifts! I hope they brightened your day! Thinking of you!

  21. Stephanie is the sweetest isn't she! So glad to be part of this group at the Mug and tea cup exchange. Your cup is beautiful and your little bear is adorable.

  22. How very dear. It is amazing how we become connected as we journey through life.

  23. I love your mugs Kitty! Wishing you much comfort and joy in your memories as you enjoy your tea.


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