Monday, January 23, 2023

Avocado Toast

Hi Friends!  Are there any avocado toast fans out there?? I'm a big fan of avocado toast!  My son, Tim, and his wife, Julie, gave me The Best of Aggieland cookbook for Christmas, which they got from a chef friend that has a restaurant in College Station.  Tim and Julie graduated from Texas A&M, and they go there for games occasionally.  The recipe was in the cookbook and I tried it, which  is from First Watch, a great breakfast place. 

I'm using my pretty rose teacup today.

My matching teapot is holding some Harney & Sons New England Breakfast tea which has a hint of maple syrup, and perfect for a morning brew.

Yield: 1
Author: Kitty, but adapted from First Watch
Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

This is such a wonderful recipe and especially on some whole grain artisan bread.  I scaled the recipe down for a single serving.


  • 1 small avocado, halved, pitted, and peeled
  • a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice
  • a pinch of kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion salt, and paprika (See NOTE)
  • 1 thick slice of artisan bread (I used my homemade bread)
  • Everything Seasoning for Bagels and More, for garnish (my addition)


  1. In a bowl, combine the avocado with the squeeze of lime or lemon juice, and the seasonings. Mash with a rubber spatula or whisk, keeping medium-sized chunks. Don't over mash!
  2. Toast the bread, and spread the toast evenly with the avocado mash. You can drizzle with a teeny bit of olive oil, and sprinkle with sea salt. I sprinkled with some Everything bagel seasoning.


If you'd like to make their seasoning, here's the recipe. I opted for pinches of the seasonings.

First Watch Seasoning:

2 cups kosher salt

1/2 cup black pepper

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon onion salt

1-1/2 teaspoons paprika

Mix thoroughly

Also, you can make the avocado mash ahead of time by transferring it to an airtight container. Seal tightly with a double layer of plastic wrap pressed down directly onto the avocado mash. Keep in the fridge for 2 hours.


Thank you for your visit!  xo


  1. Our daughter and son in love live in Magnolia so we travel through BC Station often...Our nephew also graduated from Texas A&M.
    I LOVE avocado toast! So does my daughter, Crystal. Everytime they come up for a visit, we enjoy several slices together.Enjoy your day friend.

  2. Good morning Kitty! Your breakfast tray looks delicious and healthy! Love your pretty rose teapot and teacup and your Harney & Sons New England Breakfast Tea sounds like one I would love too. My Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea is almost gone, time to reorder. :) Happy Monday ♥

  3. My girls love 🥑 but I find it bland. FIrst Watch is local favorite here, and that seasoning recipe sounds super easy. I know it's a great food source, may need to try that. Love how you treat yourself to special dining and tea-sipping goodness, Kitty. Have a great week.

  4. Such a pretty teacup and teapot Kitty! The avocado toast sounds wonderful and the breakfast tea with maple sounds really good! Have a lovely week!


  5. No thanks, but I see many other delicious foods on your breakfast table. ☺️

  6. I do love avocado toast! It's so filling and delicious. Such a pretty tea cup and pot. Have a great week, Kitty.

  7. I like your teapot and teacup Kitty. The avocado toast looks great. I hope you have a nice week.

  8. Love avocado with sugar! Your recipe looks delicious. Stunning teapot and gorgeous teacup. Best wishes!

  9. I've had guacamole, but never avocado toast Kitty. Sounds like a nice healthy breakfast:@)

  10. What a pretty rose teacup and teapot!

    I'm also a fan of avocado toast. Next time I'll have to try it with the Everything Seasonings for bagel!

  11. thanks for the nudge to try some avocado toast ... i love that everything seasoning on just about everything these days! hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, salad. yum!

  12. Such a pretty breakfast tray Kitty with the lovely teacup, saucer and teapot. I have eaten avocado toast on occasion, I love how healthy it is! The cookbook sounds so interesting. Hope you are having a great start to the new year........hugs.

  13. I've always wondered how to make avocado toast - it looks delicious, especially in such a pretty tea setting. The bagel seasoning sounds good, too! Hope you have a lovely weeks end, dear Kitty. x K

  14. Wow Kitty, I just fixed avocado toast for my hubby and I . I used toasted english muffins and I also add a clove of crushed garlic to mine.

  15. I have just gotten into eating fresh avocados! I haven't yet tried avocado toast, but I hear about it often. I have been making homemade guacamole, using pico de gallo, and oh, my! It is just delicious and so healthy! Thank you for sharing this great recipe, my friend.

  16. We sure have enjoyed featuring your post on Full Plate Thursday, 626 this week. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us and hope you will come back soon.
    Miz Helen